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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Law of the Opposite

One of the most important law which rules our life along with the law of attraction.   When we apply the law of attraction and try to attract our wishes, it is when the law of opposite comes into the picture.  It is the law of opposite which motivates you to give up on your desires, and you feel that law of attraction is not working for you in some cases.

There would be no desire of yours, which could go unfulfilled, provided you maintain peace during the period when the law of opposites is ruling your life.

When you 'Desire', you inspire the universe to give you two things- one which you want, and the other which is exactly opposite of that which you want!  It may sound strange, but its true and a very interesting concept.   

Supposing you desire to earn 'x' number of rupees in 3 months.   When you desire, then you create a contextual field in the universe which at first gives you everything lesser than 'x' rupees, so when you have 'x' number of rupees on your target date, you could experience the joy of having it.   That's why when you desire something and you find that initially everything you attract is total opposite and indeed that's the proof you should take that law of attraction is working in your favour.

You can't experience hotness, without coldness or happiness without sadness and that's the law of opposite.  This is an universal law which rules the climatic changes, negative & positive emotions, ups and downs of your life and every aspect of universal experience.  

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...Go, create!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Law of Attraction

In the law of attraction, you are the 'law' itself; 'of' is bridge; and 'attraction' is the thing you wishing to attract. 

The entire universe is nothing but 'Energy'.  Everything, including we all, is energy.  So when you desire anything, and if it is backed by belief then you attract that thing in your life.

Belief is very much important otherwise any thought of your mind would manifest.  Belief therefore works as a useful filter and you only manifest things, those are backed by your own belief.  The current situations of your life are nothing but things/situations you have attracted through law of attraction.  Any point of time you can desire to change your situation by concentrating on things you desire in your life. 

Continuous thoughts would lead you to belief and which eventually would help you manifest your desire.

law OF attraction where OF is bridge of opportunities and possibilities which you will see if you believe in yourself that what you desire to manifest in your life is achievable.

Wishing you all luck & happiness.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Random Thought some gravitational force, his soul was pulling him to discover some higher purpose in life. 

He gave up his comforting lifestyle and started to walk.  He walked and walked continuously for days & nights.

One day he reached at a countryside beach and sat over the hot sand and expected the water to settle down, so he could walk across the sea.
His wait had patience more than a continuously moving wave.  It past years, but the sea did not settled, as per his expectations. 

His body thinned out and he spent most of his lifetime just by drinking seawater, hearing the sound of waves, waiting for sea to settle down and thinking about his higher purpose. 

He died one evening while having eye contact with the sea.  Water escorted his body to its depth, like it took his body into its arms. 

After few moons past, He was re- born in the house of a monk, which was situated near the sea, and his spiritual journey started!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

A Must Read Reminder for All

Just in case you forgot your greatness due to current situations in life.  I would like to remind you that problems are not new to you.   You have faced it several times earlier with rigour and courage.   Problem may have just changed its form and you may be feeling like giving up or just ruining your present with problematic thoughts.   But remember the last time you had a problem, could be some loss or pain, and how today you are stranger to that situation.      Just like that, today's situation has come to go.   Just stand tall before it and keep pushing it, as you should remember, you are a great piece of wonder and there's nothing you could not resolve or face.   Moments are temporary, your greatness and power is permanent.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

F**K! I am Special Child, I realised on the last day of 2016 (an eye opener for everyone)

Thanks to my friend Shridutt, who have chosen to celebrate his birthday at the House of Charity (an orphanage for Special Children) located at Andheri, Mumbai and I was one of the fortunate ones on invitees list.

I met these beautiful children at orphanage and I have realised that I am a special child, and they are indeed normal children.

It traversed me back to history, when perhaps few children with abnormal behavior were born, and since they were smaller in numbers, some intellects have chosen to term them as 'Special child,' as they were not falling, in their definition of normalcy.

Why we call them Special Child I probably have understood.    Since, they fully express themselves; or Since they don't judge or differentiate people with their caste, bank balance or age; or Since they express their desires without judgements; or Since they sing, dance & laugh without any feeling of guilt or embarrassment; or Since they are not competing with one another; or Since they are not afraid of death or conscious about their eating habits; & most of all could be Since they are unaware about the meaning of jealously, anger, rich, poor, caste, terrorism, politics, religion and luxury.

It makes me further think that that what I have achieved after being born as so called- Normal child?  Since,
I am jealous, I have fears, I want money, I am envious, I am materialistic & I don't live each moment to the fullest!

If special is a term that is attached to someone unusual, then I am a special child.  Everyone like me is a special child, and those beautiful flowers breathing at that orphanage are actually 'Normal' in real terms.

Myth:   The children with
Unusual behaviors can be termed as Special children to avoid offence.

Irony:  We all are special children and they are normal, since biggest meaning of being normal is Being what you are!   Choosing your choices, over opinions of others.  As they outnumbered them, so they termed them as special child, instead of the other way round.

May the year 2017, be the year for all of us, where we could express ourselves to the best, without worrying about the results or the opinions of others.

Happy New Year!

Friday, 30 December 2016

Reminder About Your True Worth

'Realisation' in spiritual term, is far more absolute, than it is used in absolute term itself.  It is the state when somebody feels a sort of disconnection with his routine and understand the value of his passion.  It is the state, when she experiences the development of some unique craziness within, which motivates her to break the barricades of impossibilities.

A true realisation induces a sense of divinity in a person, and he or she feels the existence of some supreme power that guides them away from danger, like some lighthouse.  He or she  understands that they are more than a stack of food.  They realises that they are  'Energy,' and one with everyone and everything around.

Friends, we have come here to play this game of life, in which we all are already experts at soul level.  We have chosen to forget our expertise as we have entered into this physical state, so we can enjoy this life afresh.  Just like being  virgin again, in order to enjoy the first time experience of love making.

Nothing is wrong, bad or unhappy and no event is  happenstance, but all events are outcome of our conscious choices. This message I hope would work as a reminder in your life, and you realise your true worth.  You are a great soul, inside a physical body!

You are Great, Powerful, Unique & Champion.  Do not value yourself, with the amount of money in your bank account, or from what everyone thinks about you. Take my words as a reminder from God you believe in!  You can do anything! Just go for it mate...

Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Narrow World

This world at times appears to be so narrow that your stretched wing sometimes touches to other bird's wing & you both end up falling in friendship.  You spend some time & realise how this like-minded bird had her nest just a block away & still you never met her earlier.

The people around you could be different in opinions, but that should not keep you from expressing who you are, & choosing on your likes & dislikes.  Since, some like-minded person could be a handful distance away & they may encounter when you stretch your wings, to the extent of your choice & personality.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Being Happy & Peaceful

These days living a peaceful life, and having harmony with friends and family, is difficult than earning money.  

The price of a rose is comparatively higher on valentines day, but for a rose, its each living day is equal and blossoming. 

Most people have beheaded the importance of basic sources of happiness from their lives, and have replaced it with luxury. 

Our relationship with money, is like relationship between fisherman and his occupation of fishing.  A fisherman could survive without fishing, by using some alternate earning methods.  But we wrongly take our relationship with money, like a relationship of fish and water, which was never the case.

Money is very important and you should earn it, to the maximum you could, but not at the cost of your peace and happiness. 

Do not behave like a dead fish, that is put back into a holy water, rather never mind to swim in a mud, but be HAPPY.

Friday, 16 December 2016


It so happens with many of us that sometimes our ego blocks our way to reach out to seek help or to express our fear or to express our weaknesses. 

Sometimes our life divide itself into two equal parts.  On one side it is ego and false perception, where we believe that we are perfect and could sort any issue by our own. On this side our pride doesn't allow us to express our fear and weakness openly and over the period of time a rigidity to do not accept the reality becomes part of our lives. 

The other side of the life appears to be fearful...

.... but if you look closely it is indeed flowery.  This side inspire you to be open to any change that life perhaps brings to you and also gather courage to accept our weaknesses, laugh at it and try our best to overcome it.

The best side of life is always on the other side of ego. If you be at this side, you fight fiercely like some warrior.. yet you don't get disheartened if at all you lose.  The losing is satisfactory if you fight with all your heart and soul. 

Climb on the other side of the ego and explore a new life which is rather tougher but more satisfactory to your soul.

Power of Thought

The life isn't fair to those who think it isn't fair to them.  It is stupid to expect the worst and pray about the best. 'Thought' is one wealth which everyone posses in abundance.  All the pains & pleasure in our lives, all the peace and rage of our lives is nothing but our own creation through our thought. We all consciously & unconsciously tap into power of thought but whether we come out with stones or jewels is exclusively our choice.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Demonetization ( a wisdom side of it)

As we all know that recently Indian government demonetized the paper currencies of INR 500 & 1000.  No monetary value to these currencies as it used to be.  How something so important an evening earlier, turned to trash with single announcement. 

At personal level, most of us are tend to observe this practice of demonetization but we never gave thought about it.

(Here I am using the term 'demonetization' to denote your desires you gave up on)

Have you ever wondered how many of us have demonetised our dreams & desires? We have undervalued our dreams and desires and gave up on them just like government demonetized the currencies.

Some dream or some person which once were most dear to us and we have demonetised them.

Never forget that the valuation of your dream is derived by your own seriousness towards it. 

You should not demonetise your dreams in any case.  Your desires may not be visibly seen like your other body parts, but its the most important unseen part of your life, just like your soul.

The problem is, that most of us have reasons to justify our action of demonetizing our dreams.  Remember, if you think that your reasons are valid, then they are valid!  If you think you can achieve anything, then you can achieve anything! 

Everything in your life is formed by three persons-

"You and You and only You."

I wanted to remind that that you are most significant being and you construct your life with your feelings. Fear, happiness, sorrow etc are nothing but your feelings.

You are naturally built with such a power that there is literally no pain that you can't handle.  The moment you demonetise your dreams in that very moment you undervalue yourself.

That house you are dreaming to own or that girl you wishing to marry or that dream career or that desired salary or that book you are wishing to get published or that weight loss program you wanted to join; all are your priceless possessions and you should not demonetise them in any case.

Winning or losing is far better, than not trying at all and losing for sure. 

So value yourself and your desires, irrespective of what others think about it or how much struggles it involves to achieve them.

I wish you a very happy & peaceful life

Monday, 7 November 2016

Happy Diwali

You can't spend Diwali after Diwali every year with same old mindset, same old problems, same old fears, same old weaknesses, same old financial condition.  You have to take responsibility to revise your habits & live the life of your dreams.

You have to stop completely relying on  relationships, circumstances, job & people to make you feel happy.  The things would start to move upside down from the moment you understand that everything happening to you is because of you & nobody else.  Your fear is yours, your bills are yours, your emotions are yours.

The problem is that that we have reasoned ourselves for not living the life of our desires.  We have made ourselves understand that happiness is, what that is! Therefore we are okay with lesser salary & multiple debts, we are okay with living in mediocrity & not  owning a luxury, we are okay with unsettled arguments & teared relationships.  When you okay with something then eventually it becomes part of your life.

This Diwali I endeavor through this message to remind you all that that you are most powerful, most creative, most beautiful & most determined creature.  You have power to create your life of your dreams & desires.  There is nothing you can't achieve in life.  All you have to do is to light up lamps of your expectations with assertiveness.  There is nothing wrong with living the way you do! But if you desired a sea, and have settled with a pond then there's the issue.

I wish you all & your families a very *Happy Diwali* and I am confident that you would take charge of your life and will put maximum efforts to improve it.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Learn to earn money easily!

We all want many things in life and one of the special things is, Money.

All of us want money but few posses money more than others; despite the process of manifestation is uniform.

Some people who earns good, understands the fact that that feeling is important than seeking. What you feel about money is important. Some people are fearful with the mere topic of money, they feel money is hard to earn, hard to save & easily lost. Every drop of feeling prepares the belief and not so long after the same instances overflows in our lives, where we work hard but earn less, our expenses are more than our income & with passage of time we learn to adjust with situations.

On the contrary, you should love money, just the way you love your eyes. Have good feelings about it. Kiss the currencies. Express gratitude about whatever money you have. Share some of your money with needy. Replace your mediocre thoughts with thoughts of abundance. The more love you express, the more you get it. It applies with everything you want in life.

When you feel fearful, so you unconsciously pass a negative indication to energy around you. The energy that transports your thoughts to the universe where your immense feelings are processed into situations and that forms your experience.  What you immensely feel shall be your experience in life. So right now if you are struggling to earn money, so it is due to your constant similar thoughts about money.

It is wrong to think that miser people have more money; the fact is that misers have lesser money than their potential. Those who say that money is not important are mostly poor.

Your potential of enjoying wealth is far more than you think. Don't fear of your debts, rather love money & kill your debts. Your banker doesn't know your true potential, so close your ears to what they say about your credit score. Stop thinking about what have you lost & what could be earned; rather just kiss the currency you have & show your love now. 

Neither be fearful to lose money, nor lose your courage to earn more than you ever thought!

I wish you a life of abundance.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Happy Dussehra

As living beings we are crowned with Ten important powers that demonstrate who we really are!

Firstly, the crown of Free Choice: We are free to choose what we should have & what we want to become. Our life is in our hands. However, we draw our lives from the expectations of society & not from our true desires. 

Secondly the crown of Happiness: There is no such moment as unhappy moment. Our minds have denoted certain moments as Sad moments, whereas this is not the case. Death for example is a choice of soul to change its physical form. Loved ones never goes far from us, since love is eternal.  Our mind divides moments into good & bad and we live accordingly, however there is no such moment as bad moment.

Thirdly, the crown of Mind: Mind is the powerhouse and we have many minds within us, instead of just one mind, as many of us believe. You can pass through past & future in your mind at any given point of time. Its the power which helps to manifest things, if backed by power of belief which is our next crown.

Fourth the crown of Belief:  Your mind may find this as hard fact to crack and conceive. But there is nothing you can't achieve with immense belief.  Most of the people have no personal believes and their believes are formed with teachings of their parents, religious books & society. We have our own crown of belief, challenge your belief system by asking yourself questions and you yourself will make yourself wonder with the answers.

Fifth is the crown of Love:  Most powerful tool of entire universe on which everything is balanced. You can't get along in life without loving or being loved. God is love & nothing else. Love has no physical form, it could be felt & expressed. Learn to Love beyond boundaries, culture, family & above all love yourself, your dreams & your creator.

Sixth is the crown of Endless powers:  We are not bodies having souls within. We are souls having bodies within. We are not bodies with sky above our heads & earth beneath. We are magnificent creature who are guarded by sky at one end & earth from the other. We are not living beings living in earth. We are earth itself that live in living beings. On moment when you realise your true power, you will see that you are not part of power, but you are power itself.

Seventh is the crown of Senses: See, feel, touch, hear & taste are our five senses. In reality these are five tools which are given to have us experience ourselves as physical bodies. These senses doesn't exist in our soul world, so we wear this crown while taking birth, so as at experience ourselves as physical begins just as we wear an oxygen mask to experience a life underwater.

Eight is the crown of Wisdom:  No matter how far we mess up in life, some voice would keep ringing behind to help us learn the true wisdom. To help us remind our true reason of being here. This blog is one of those voices. It is rightly said that when you have true desire to learn, a teacher will appear.  If you think you are overburdened with debts or your relationship not working out or nothing happening right in your life, all you need to seek a teacher and it will appear to take you out of any mess by teaching you the song of wisdom.

Ninth is the crown of Sharing: Sharing is an act of indication that you have something in excess. If you want to be happy, share happiness. If you want money, share money. If you want wisdom, share your wisdom with others. Universe conspires itself to make your choices into reality and with the act of sharing, you enhance your chances of manifestation. The secret of happy life is to share love.

Tenth is the crown of Reincarnation: What you know today, you have taken several births to reach at this stage. I have taken many births to reach at this stage where I have little wisdom, which I am sharing right now. Live your life to the fullest & closely hear out your senses as they constantly remind you about your purpose of birth. You are here to live an abundant life, full of luxury & love. If you feel scarcity of something then you are ignoring the signals of your senses. Money is very easy to earn. Debt is very easy to pay off. Happiness is free. Peace is free. Family love is free. Time is unlimited. Just live this moment to the  fullest.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Read this to the very end and half of your problems will fade away

Actual problem with most of us is that that we term most of our 'temporary setback' as problems.  A problem is actually something about which you can't do anything at all. For example - my health would be on a toss if I avoid urinating or I can't fly like a bird.  Something which is impossible to do is a 'Problem' and not something which is temporary in nature. The biggest problem is that we term temporary 'set back' as problem.

Notwithstanding to the dictionary meaning of terms problem & setback, you can make a mental attitude that if something can be curable so its not the problem; and more you term difficulties as temporary setback more it would help you to seek solutions to it.


If you have financial issues, the same can be addressed by additional part time income; if you have relationship issues, the same can be cured with rich discussion; if you have problem with your work, the same can be cured with change of work.  These are temporary setbacks, but the moment you term them as 'Problem,' then you completely cease the power of solvable frequencies hovering around you.

You unchain the chains of limitations once you look at difficulties as temporary setback, just like some pothole on a road which is fixable irrespective of its intensity.

Sit back and replace the term 'Problems' with 'Temporary Setbacks' from your mind and you will realise that half of it would actually fade away.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Check who is laying eggs in your nest!

A cowbird doesn't weave nest of her own, and lays her eggs on others nest. If the owner (bird) of the nest suspects it, then she throws the eggs of cowbird outside nest or if it goes unsuspected, then she takes care of the eggs like her own.

Some people you come across in life, quite often, who would try to throw their worry/ anger on you, despite they are complete strangers to you.  For example, that annoying sales person at super market or that frustrated driver at parking lot etc.

Choose not to raise the anger of others inside you. You have a lot of yourself to look after.  Do not take over the garbage of anger or worry of others.

It is good to motivate someone and showing them the right path, but don't allow them to lay their eggs of worry & anger in your nest.

Be the first one to apologize, Relationship matters!

He thought it was her mistake and she thought it was his!  So they did not speak and waited for each other to take a first step to end the dispute. 

Days went by, they missed each other but their egos kept them from taking the first step.  He thought she has an attitude, she thought he is very selfish and eventually their minds gave them more reasons to be away from each other.

Both kept checking their phones at intervals and waited for each others message like some hot grassland desperately waiting for rainfall.  They have spoken one thing about each other with friends, but within they felt something else.

As more days past, they tried their best to avoid encountering each other. If at all they met, they exchanged formal greetings, but within they were craving for hug from one another.

Not so long, they become strangers... Ego won, love failed.

(Don't allow your ego to win over your relationship. Be the first to apologize, no matter who have mistaken. Let love win and you can win the world.)

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Revenge is not the Solution

I was talking with a friend who was telling me that she would be happier to see her ex husband in trouble.  Excerpts of my suggestions if in case, you do have a fire of revenge burning within.

A rapist rapes his own conscience first. A
terrorist firstly blasts, his own understanding about God. A thief firstly steals his own power of hard work. A murderer kills his own peace first. These all are acts of revenge and cowardice.

I am not comparing anyone with anyone, but my intention here is to make you come out of even from the smallest feeling of revenge which is killing a part of you each  second.

A revengeful action is just an aftermath of what we lost first within.  It firstly harms the person having it, & then to his circle & then probably to the person for whom the feeling took birth.

Revenge has no deadline and until and unless our ego is satisfied we keep harming the person who apparently harmed us first. This is the reason you like to hear bad things about a person who you dislike.

Revenge is one of the dangerous innovative feeling that we can develop. Problem is that we have proper justification to our actions and we don't feel wrong about taking revenge and harming someone.

As I said it has killed something within you first and therefore this is an unworthy business. Nothing is costlier than your peace of mind. Healthy competition would lead you to better life or respectful death; but a revenge would provoke you to produce more anger and not so long, so you would become an anger machine which is fearful, but disrespectful.

We are not here to waste our times on ungainly actions of revenge. We are here to enjoy our lives, spread love & keep our families happy.

Move on from people who disrespected you, didn't understood your love, let you down or hurt you. Start this moment with fresh mind and let the fire of revenge within should doze off with sprinklers of forgiveness.

Peace be upon you!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Friendship and Love!

Many times we do not realise that a very thin line is drawn somewhere between a special relationship, which has crossed the border of friendship, but not reached the city of love.

That thin line that is drawn between the love and friendship, is called as 'Confusion'. Often, we are confused with our feelings. 

Most of the relationship starts with the friendship and eventually escalates to becoming the love; but it never floats back from love to friendship, just like water flowing down from a mountain, never returns with the same process.

A hungry and lonely lion's cub when hunts for the first time, it realises its real potential. The same way friendship has to survive many tough times to eventually declare itself a grown-up love. 

Be there with someone you love in all their thick and thins and no matter what, never dethrone the crown of understanding. Too much understanding not possible if it comes to keeping yourself from talking to your love, since its like the relationship of mother and her children, no matter how settled are her children, but she could never part herself from talking to them and letting herself know about their safekeep.

Sadly, many husbands are not real friends and many real friends are not couples. A couple living together, without having the blend of friendship and love in their relationship, are like two wolves of opposite gender, who just mate out of their physical desires and be with each other for the sake of survival.

Out of dozens of friends there would be always someone who is closest, yet far! Out of love, a soil transforms a rooted seed into a tree; so are some friendships that gets transformed into love, out of love.  The thin line of confusion sometimes throws an urge within us, to wipe itself off and let the feelings of friendship (a seed) grow itself into love (a tree).

Don't turn off the inner calling and abort the love that is relentlessly knocking your door and waiting for your answer. Go for it!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Accept them as they are...

Weighing Scale. At one side our experiences and expectations and at the other end everyone else. That's how we manage most of our relationships in life. That's how we come to conclusion and decide what is right or not!

Maturity has no relevance with age. Age is just a number of days past your birth date. A lions cub watching his father hunting is more experienced than a sleeping old aged beer. 

We compare people with the illusionary weighing scale of our mind and accordingly offer our reactions. We have to realise that all snakes are not poisonous and similarly, it is not necessary that every people would get the same results of certain action like we got in the past. It is not necessary that two students studying for eight hours in stretch would get the same marks.

We have to stop being judgmental and try to see things sometimes from other persons point of view. With due respect to some fair experiences I say that it is not necessary that everything we believed is true and our past failure is something unachievable by somebody else.

We have to  accept the fact that everybody's experience is different and that experience craves a respect, like ours. Sometimes judgments thins out the possibility of growth and we end up losing on probable opportunities and relationship. So be open to newer ideas and accept people as they are. Experience is good but use it with skill and not with your skull all the time.

It is good to use our experiences as magnifying glass; but not the one under influence of sunlight. Since the sunlight of doubts may bring hurt to people you are dealing with or it may some put permanent scars on your relationship.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Let Bygones Be Bygones

When a bird is released from the cage, it doesn't stops to share the experience about its struggling life inside the cage. When the sunshine reaches the darkest end of a tunnel, it rejoices and doesn't argue with the passing darkness.  A raindrop ecstatically skydives and enjoy its 'Present' without bothering itself about past or future.

Problem with most of us is, that we have trapped ourselves in the losses of our past. We have to realise that we can't undo the past but we can surely enjoy this very moment and be hopeful about the future.

Your lover betrayed you in the past or the loss of money you have faced or those unsuccessful plans or those unachieved targets and all the other things that are worrying you today are actually a cage where you are trapped. 

"There is no life in today, if you are still emotional about, what you have lost yesterday."

Remember, the people who lose, are like some warrior who fought and lost. However, warrior doesn't worry himself about losses of past and rather he gather courage again and bounce back with greater efforts. You, (who is reading this message) are a warrior and don't bother yourself about past losses.  Get up & fight back since this new day has brought new opportunities!

The lion doesn't succeed in hunting down its preys all the time. A honey gathered by bees, out of love, is enjoyed by someone else. A female wolf doesn't always succeeds in protecting its cubs from hunting beer. 

All that is said & done, the past is gone and grow yourself out of it. Let bygones be bygones!

Draw that business plan again, revise that idea that didn't worked out last time, fall in love again with someone who loves you for what you are and not for what he wants you to become, speak to that customer again & try to renegotiate terms.

Do not accept failure and do not hover around stale relationship. Undo the paining knots of your past that covers around your heart and face new day with new viewpoint.

If the past was not right that doesn't mean your entire life would be wrong. Much more life is waiting for you.  Just open your heart and draw your hands towards the sunshine.

Happy Sunday

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

In Relationship Flow like a River

"Captivity is not love. Freedom indeed is!"

Love is something that can't be completely defined ever, due to its infinite nature & presence. A love with restrictions, is like bird with its wings clipped. The light of love is like the light of sun, it can't be captivated.

Caring & captivity are two different things. If you don't allow your loved one to step out late night, its caring. But if you don't allow your loved one, to study further or follow her dream, then its captivity.

A flowing river would only become a foul  gathering of water, if stopped with force, since flow is its life. Everything has to be moving or else life would stop completely. The earth, the sun, wind, air and many other natural processes are moving and which is out of their act of love.

Everything around us is love. Love is supreme, love is something that no one could escape from.  You can avoid love, but it would never avoid you. Respect it and flow with it. Like some river, let your relationship nurture & grow.

You can't capture freedom of someone and indeed if you truly love somebody then you ought to let them free. Let your loved one live the way she wants. Barricade of care is must, but do not replace barricade of care with prison of heart.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Take the Ownership of your Emotions

"Ownership" we proclaim ownership on our house, our family, our job, our vehicles, our wealth and everything that has our name on it. Sadly, when it comes to our emotions, we behave like tenants, despite being the owners of it.

We give advantage to unimportant people, to make us feel depressed.  They pass some false or unnecessary comments, that we take it on our skin and harm our self. 

You are the owner of your own life. Its not there life, its Your life. You have to take charge of your emotions and not to let anyone hurt you with no reason. 

It could be your boss or that nagging relative. It could be some gossiping colleague or that stranger co- traveller. It could be some egoist neighbor or that over demanding customer. If they could hurt you, which means you give away your power to them. It is not always required to fall into argument or be on defensive mode, if you know that the person at other side is not so important. The winning arguments in such cases are indeed a loss, if you calculate it with amount of energy you have put in.

Some people would always try to provoke you and you being the owner of your life, have to decide if you need to waste your costly energy on them. 

If you are upset then its you who are responsible and not anyone else. Take charge of your emotions and handle it with utmost care. You are the boss of your emotions & if it is not performing well so as a leader you have show it the right direction. It's performance is related to the overall performance of your life.

So if next time you are upset then remember, its you who is responsible. You are the owner!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Level of Consciousness, is your level of Progress

I have realised that everyone and everything is at different levels of consciousness.  When we were born, our level of consciousness was unknowingly,
far higher. We used to do what we like, without any fear of outcome. This is the greatest state of being. We did everything we wanted as a child, because we didn't knew about anything and to be specific, no knowledge about fear itself.

As we grew older, we developed our level of consciousness towards each and every aspect of life. As for some, money is easy to earn, as per his thought process, which is result of his level of consciousness.  For some, family is wealth, which as per his level of consciousness. There are different factors which determines our level of consciousness and most important are, our upbringing and our type of friends. This is the reason why if someone comes from conservative family, then for him, a love marriage is taboo. 

The simple verbatim for a level of consciousness is, 'Law of Attraction', a popular foundation of almost every motivational book. Therefore, if you can feel like Ambani's, then for you, the only costliest thing exist under the sun, would be Health. Or if you can feel like, His Holiness Dalai Lama, then you can experience the peace, deeper than the depth of ocean. Here, if I say 'Feel' like them, then I simply mean to acquire the level of consciousness they have for any particular object.

Therefore, under law of attraction, you are guided to keep your desires right in front of you; so you can gradually enhance your level of consciousness about it. This is the simplest and most popular process of developing consciousness about something.

So what you do, and what you do not posses in life, is nothing but, your level of consciousness about it. If the height of your consciousness, is leveled at earning of 10 dollars per month, so the same would be your reality. You may desire to earn more, but you won't get it, unless the level of consciousness is uplifted to the level of expectations. 

All you need is acceptance of the fact that nothing is unachievable and what is keeping you from something, is your own level of consciousness about it.

Consciousness gives birth to intention (positive or negative). Intension gives birth to interest (positive or negative). Interest gives birth to action (positive or negative). Action gives birth to results (positive or negative). Therefore, if you have someone or something negative in your life, so it is the indirect result of your level of consciousness about it.  So choose your level of consciousness accordingly.

I wish for each one of you a happy life!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Civic Sense - a Blog of Public Interest

I don't know if any writer blogs about civic sense. I even wonder if any educated matured person, would appreciate reading about it. As everyone considers himself or herself, as civic minded. Even I think the same about myself.

So I am puzzled thinking that who throws a garbage on the streets? Who leaves the empty beer bottles near the waterfalls & in gardens? Who makes the pile of litter at public places? I am sure whoever reading this blog, would agree that, despite we all are civic minded, still there are some black sheep's in the pack.

They pick even a single hair from the floor of their house and throw it outside. Not even a single hair they like on their house flooring! but on the streets they don't mind throwing anything.  Cleaner homes in the middle of uncleaned surrounding! Strange, isn't it?

I got motivated to write about civic sense today, as during my last weekend trip to some hill station, I saw empty bottles of alcohol were lying on the streets and even near the waterfalls. Even I saw some thick glass pieces of the bottles, near the waterfall and one can imagine how dangerous it would be, if anyone shall step over it.

Our laws are may be not strong enough to make people afraid of not making clutter on the roads. Having said that, I feel that we do not need any law to keep our surroundings clean, to be precise to keep our nation clean.

Through this blog, I personally appeal to every citizen for observing civic sense and even spread awareness about it; especially to your children. I request to every person to take individual responsibility of keeping their surrounding clean. Don't forget that we are primarily responsible for our actions, before we raise finger on government or any other person.

The garbage spread disease. It chokes the pipelines. It becomes a source of living for insects. Therefore, the clutter we do, comes back to us, in someway or the other like a boomerang.

Don't litter on streets. Don't spit at public places. Throw garbage inside the bin. Enjoy alcohol, but please ensure to dump the empty bottles properly.

I urge all the respected elders, brothers & sisters to spread this message and let it reach to every Indian.

Thank you

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Secret to Happiness

I remember, once I went to an amusement park with a friend.  I am very scared of sitting in taller rides, specially the ones that rise and fall at the speed of a jet. For a change, if I sit in any taller ride on insistence of friends, then it feels like its the last day of my life. So I prefer mostly sitting in the rides that run flat; speed is okay to me, but zigzags are scary.

On the other hand, my friend with me, was trying his hands on every ride, one after another. He was all excited and shouting in amazement. He loved the excitement of ups and downs and instead of feeling fearful like me, he was actually enjoying every bit of the second. At the end of the day, he was as happy as lark.

Few days later, I got a call from the same friend and he wanted my advice on one problem.  He was speaking very nervously, the tone was quite dull & even he told that he was getting the goosebumps. The problem was related to his office meeting, a next day, for which he was unprepared. It reminded me about his behaviour at amusement park and I compared the both situations.

I wondered how exciting his life would have been, if he learns to handle the situations in life, the way he managed to enjoy the rides at that amusement park. 

Everyday we all set off for our respective works, just as we sit on some bumping ride. This ride zigzag around the tracks of our attitude and we experience all day the rise and fall of situations, opportunities & much more. The seat belt of hope, around our stomach, set our expectations.

Friend's, life is just like some amusement park.  Once you are inside the park, you could either enjoy, watch others enjoying, enjoy the smaller rides, face your fear or you could just stand at some corner. 

You will find no one inside the park, who is completely fearless; therefore do not consider yourself outlined, if you feel fearful.  However some people enjoy the excitement of facing ones fear and these are the lot, who you mostly find succeeding. 

Fear is like that street dog and a person standing before it with freezing feet; both are scared with one another.  Happiness is not just the absence of fear, but also the process of eliminating, avoiding & overcoming fear.

Don't wait for situations to turn in your favor to be happy.   Situations would come & go, people would blame or praise, opportunities would shower or blow away; your happiness is not attached to anything, but yourself and your reaction to it.

Don't find reasons to become happy, rather be the reason!

I wish you loads of happiness,

Saturday, 18 June 2016

For what you are stressed out?

Nothing you owned anytime permanently. What you own today, was owned by somebody else yesterday & will be owned by somebody else tomorrow. 

Tension would kill you. Life is meant to be liked, loved & lived. We all are travellers here.  We are souls on a journey from womb to tomb. We are here to Win & trying to win again & again.  Success is unguaranteed but never give up trying. Losing is guaranteed, if you stop trying.

Our friends, loved ones, office colleagues, social media friends are spiritually closer to us and that's why we know them among billions. Everyone doesn't know your worth but that's okay.  Some people are connected with you to make you understand the difference between loved & unloved; between best & better; between Good & evil.

Our journey started from womb and we all are heading towards tomb, through different paths, having different experiences. 

Each one of us is unique. We behave & react to situations according to our experience. No one is wrong, its just some people are facing the light & some people are looking at other direction.

Stress is not the solution.  During our journey from womb to tomb, we get to enjoy materialist pleasure; but that's temporary and we are not allowed to carry them back to our soul homes. However, we would be carrying feelings with us. So better stop being stressed out & enjoy the journey. 

Back to our soul home, let's carry feelings of love, ecstasy & praise instead of resentment, jealously & guilt.

I wish you a happy life,

Friday, 17 June 2016

My Conversations with God (2)

"How are you my best God?"


"Have humans created any  second best God?"

(smiles) "No, I mean One & only & greatest God."

"Human can do anything, even he or she can create a God. Human is my creation. Who better than me would know their strengths & weaknesses. A human could do anything. Their powers are limitless, just like some root, which transforms itself into a vast tree."

"If we are so powerful then why are we unhappy and how should we tap into our limitless power?"

You don't have to tap into that power. You & power are one.  The power is as much as part of you, as you are part of it.  You all share the structural similarities and equality of power, yet your paths are different and that's why you all are unique. 

You are unhappy not because you don't have something but you are unhappy since others have more than you. Imagine, everyone in the world would have equal amount of money, then would it end unhappiness? Never! unhappiness is cause  of jealously, anger & disappointment. You can't expect a banyan tree to grow mangoes; similarly people set unnecessary expectations with themselves, even with their loved ones and even with people, work with them.  Unhappiness is just an absence of happiness. As food feeds hunger; you can kill your unhappiness, with happiness.

"How could we know that we are on the right path?"

Ask yourself. We have to ask our own self that if our path is right and if the talk is sincere, then the answer is guaranteed. Some people call it as sixth sense or inner voice and it is actually the guidance from soul, which one should follow.

Some people are so afraid to follow the directions of one's own self, that they clip the wings of their own desires, by making an excuse about society, their elders experience, peer pressure or sometimes religion.

"What is the one message for me and to those who would be/ are reading this blog?"

"I am with you. I am the Most. I am above any suffering, fear or pain. I know you more than you. My actions are for your own betterment. I know where you are headed and where you would land up. Just keep going and trust me. I am there with you always. Just don't worry, everything would be alright."

The one who Loves you the most,

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Learn to enjoy Happy Hours in Life too

Most restaurants flashes the glow sign notices as 'Happy Hours'.  You can have drinks or food at cheaper rates as compared to rates during the rest of the day.  Friends, in life if you live to enjoy certain hours of your day, as your happy hour, then your life would make a lot much difference.

Most of us spend the entire day just completing our tasks. The work at home and in office or could be managing business, these are never ending process.  Some of you even think that 'I would be enjoying once I retire,' or 'Once I get the desired income then I will start to enjoy life.'

Friends, life is too short to wait, plan & postpone. What you feel can be done tomorrow, may not be done at all. (Lines from my third upcoming book).

You should keep certain hours in the day just for yourself & learn to enjoy life. May be, you like singing or writing or playing certain sport or going to gym or attending certain hobby class etc. You have to give yourself at least an hour to do what you like to do from the bottom of your heart. Studies tells us, if we do what we are interested in, then our enthusiasm gets multiplied and it helps us in achieving better results. So if you like singing and if you spend at least 20 minutes a day to sing for yourself, so it won't just help you relax, but it would multiply your energy that you can use in your other works. 

20 minutes in a day and that's all you have to give. Don't put it on weekends, just do it daily.  Some of you may say, 'my life is busy,' 'I have work load,' or 'I have little baby to look after.'  Friends, its your life! 1440 minutes of life every day you get from God; is it hard for you to spend just 20 minutes for yourself?

We are not trees to just grow at each second; we are physical bodies, which needs rest & happy hours. We are not flower to just smell good; we are physical bodies, which stinks, requires sleep & enjoyment. We are not sun to just give light; we have to give light to our self first & then to others.

The meaning of Happy hours is different from person to person. May be for someone, spending time with their children could be their happy hours. As long as, you are doing an activity that makes you feel happy, then you are on the right track.  You are the best judge for yourself. You know better if happiness which you feel is real happiness or just its shadow.

Writing puts me into happy hours; I am thankful to Almighty that I am able to spend half of the time in a day to write. I wish you able to do & achieve what you desire to do or become in life.

I wish you life full of happy hours !

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Understanding the Power of Patience

I remember when I finished writing my first book, 'Soni Please Come Back'; I wanted to see it in stores the very next day.  However, over the period of time I have learnt a most important lesson to 'Have Patience'.

A tree doesn't starts giving fruits overnight, a flower takes time to flourish, great architects takes years to stand tall, a bird takes time to learn flying despite it is born with wings, worlds fastest runner have learnt to crawl before walking & running.

Every greatest victory was not conquered overnight.  We might fall in love at first sight, but understanding takes years to develop.  Losing out on patience at work place or relationship or dreams are common incidents.

The time when you think that you could no longer continue & you have reached your limitations; that is the time when you have to double your efforts. That is the time when the destiny is closer & you are made to attempt the final test of patience. 

Just as, when the child is about to get delivered, the labour pain of its mother was at peak.  When you feel that you have reached the fag end of your patience or your hard work or the number of tries you have put in certain activity or relationship; it was the time, when your dreams are about to come out, from the womb of your destiny.   It is not the fag end, it's rather the indication of new beginning. Therefore, do not give up out of frustration.

It may happen that your growth could be slower than your peers, but keep going. You may be earning lesser than your colleagues, but continue being honest. You may be waiting since years for some dream to manifest, but keep dreaming. You may be yearning for life partner, but never stop believing in true love.

You can't just stop in the middle of racing track and blames everybody else for losing out on game.  You have to keep working & extending your level of patience unless you achieve your dreams.

Remember, you would never ever get difficulties, more than, that you can't handle. Your God knows your limitations better than you; so do not underestimate yourself or your God. 

It is better to keep trying, than giving up.
It is better to keep loving, than giving up.
It is better to wait, than giving up.
It is better to expect, than giving up.
It is better to try & lose, than not trying at all.

I wish that your patience level would multiply & you become the best of your own self that you can't even dream about.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

What they don't teach at Schools...

Each one us have cried on the first day of our playschool and on the last day of our college. Same tears, same person, but different reasons.

As a child, we desired to become something once we grow up. Our parents have desired us to become something, once we grow up. Once we have grown up, we have become something, that nobody expected.

As a child we thought our friend's parents are better, as they get everything they ask. Once we reached college, we felt envious with one friend who we thought has better life than us.  After we started earning, we understood that money was not the solution.  After we became parents, we pretend to have lived an idol life before our children.

The reason that almost all of us experience the same life is because life is some never ending Exam.

A child formed in the womb, was a winning sperm. A toddler wins, when he learns to walk.  These were the most important exams which we all have passed with flying colors.  However we take these victories for granted and give all importance to exams of schools and colleges.

We went to school to prepare ourselves for the life exams. But the question paper of life is totally indifferent to what we studied in schools.  No school taught about relationship, handling work pressure, pursuing ones dream, handling breakup or coping with fear. 

Students with good grades during schooling, sometimes fail in life exam and the reason is that that you don't need good grades or education to get better treatment from life. 

The advantage however in life exam is, that you are allowed to refer any book to answer the question. Therefore people turn to their places of worship or to their friends or to doctors or to parents or to spiritual gurus etc., for the solutions.

The answers however lie within us.  That's how the journey of our soul progresses.  Moments of happiness and sadness are just easy and difficult papers.  The more you take interest on the subject, the more you involve yourself in the study, the more you seek solution within; the better would be your life. 

No one can appear the exams of your life on your behalf.  Its You! who has to find solution and move on to next exam.  There are no grades in life exam.  The results are attached to your level of satisfaction.

You might be struggling with your finance's. You might be trying to over come from the pain of break up. You might be getting sleepless nights, since you are missing your deceased loved one.  You might not be able to explain your pains to anyone. You might be struggling with some health issues; Please understand that these are life exams, which you can't escape from and the power to clear your exam is lies within you. The more you attempt the exam with courage, the easier it would become for you to clear.

I pray to God to give you the power to realise your inner strength and clear your life exam with flying colors.

I wish you a happy life,

Monday, 23 May 2016

Master Key of Universe - LOVE

Well, Love is the easiest, yet difficult feeling to understand. Love is the source of every creation. Even the creation of universe is the result of Love. No one is unloved in this universe and it is Love that unites & inspire everything.

I asked Sun one fine morning, "Why don't you take leave on Sundays?" He answered, "Since I love everything. All my friends need me. Trees, River, Wind,  Humans,  Animals, Earth everyone needs me and I can't collapse their trust on me."

"What you get to do this?" I asked

"I don't love to get love in return. Ask a Flower why it blossoms despite it gets plucked. Ask a River what he gets in return for flowing. Ask a Tree what he gets in return for his fruits. Ask a Mother what she gets in return for her incomparable love. Loving without expectations is true love."

I asked a Tree then, "Why you let humans and birds and animals to take advantage of you?"

And he answered, "Love is an act of Giving. When the mother sacrifices her share of food for her children, she never thinks if her children are going to take care of her the same way, during her old age. When a father struggles in office to earn for his family, he never thinks that his family should earn for him too. When you Give, it is when you are involved in act of true love."

I asked a River "Which is the biggest mistake of humans?"

"The mistake of considering oneself as unloved. Each one of us are result of love. Our creator loves us, despite not being physically with us. The one who thinks that no one love's him or her is a biggest fool. The result of love has to be a loving. So its a biggest mistake if somebody belittles himself or herself, as we all are unique, special and loving in the eyes of our creator and we should see ourselves in the same way."

Then I ask my mother to whom she loves the most, whether to my father or to her children.

And she replied, "I love my Children. It is a myth that love doesn't rust with time, but the irony is that that in relationships the lovers, being the sailors of the relation-ship, eventually starts to focus on different light houses. The ship therefore stuck in the middle and couples argument on the direction they should go. One of them accepts to sacrifice his or her destiny and they then feels that the love between them is lost. However, love never evades, it just fades. When you & your siblings were born, it felt like our faded love has came to the surface in beautifuler form and it would never fade as the feeling of being mother would only a female or her creator would understand. So I can't say who I love most, whether my children or my husband, as I am like some tree who loves its sour and sweet fruits equally and that is love. Love overseas imperfections.

And I asked myself to whom I love the most?

"Writing, that gives me reason to live & share my thoughts. It was my love for Soni that inspired me to write after we broke up. And with passage of years, my love for her have grown up and so is my love for writing. There is no peak at which I will stop writing or loving as love is limitless like our universe. Even after I am dead my writings & love for Soni would continue blossoming."

Love is in abundance, yet we are mostly occupy ourselves with materialism. Everything around us is love. When you take out time to realise it, you will find that love loving you more than you love to love.

I wish you all a loving life.  Please spread this message if you loved it.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

My Conversations with God (1)

"Give me some thought to share today. I think I am done with writing everything I knew."

It won't happen ever. (Someone spoke to me). Till the time, this Earth is spinning, you would always have something to write about.  The writing is like some sea which would never ever gets deprived of water & shells.

If you write about 1000 books on Sun alone, still you will find that someday some new book has come up on Sun. There are millions of books on love stories, still each new day someone is writing a new book on love story. There is no end to anything except the physical body.

Right now as I speak to you. Sun is shining and would continue to do so, until I say onto him otherwise. Trees are growing. Sea waves are moving back & forth. Wind is flowing. Planets are set on their places. Few souls are waiting for rebirth. Few bodies are about to get perished. Few new bodies formed in the womb are about to take birth.  Everyone & everything is involved in  Movement I have designed.

Everyone is knowingly or unknowingly part of this movement. The one who is intelligent submits himself to this unending activity. When you feel that you have nothing to write it is the call of  devil. The life would seduce you in different ways and it is upon you, which form of seduction you choose, that would accordingly affect your life.

There is no better living than submission of oneself to the will of God. Whatsoever you do in life, do as if the act of devotion. No work is big or small and each human is  designed to do certain work more efficiently than others doing the same work. Anything you do with complete devotion would yield you more than a bread.

Rise above the fear of losing out on anything. The only purpose you should carry is the advancement of your soul.  Whether you milk a cow or get a bread by begging or run a million dollar empire; take out time to ask your soul about its purpose and it would reply you through feelings. Feelings are powerful tool of your soul. The feelings is language of soul, which your physical body understands. After your body is perished, the soul would carry the feelings to the sky and your next birth would carry forward those feelings with your new birth.

What you feel now is the result of present conditions & your past life feelings. Just get rid of feelings of worry, fear & discouragement and let these feeling perish with your body.  For you should know that everybody is born to excel so don't end up considering yourself otherwise.

For I speak with everyone and every time in different forms like feelings, advice of friend, physical conditions, bank balance, relationship's, death of loved ones and many more.  All one need is to keep his ears so big that it could hear the thundering in the sky years before the showers.

Amen !

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Learn to Stop Feeling Jealous

A star is not jealous with other star shining nearby. A rain drop does not envy with its peer. A leaf fallen on the ground doesn't stops wishing well for other leaves still hanging.  A thorn does not backbite about the rose.

People feel jealous when they see someone else living the life or having the thing they desire for themselves. It is natural to feel jealous and it is nothing wrong about it, as long as the jealousy is leading the person to the racing track. Then the person can work onto his sweats to get what he desires in life. This kind of jealously every winner has experienced once or more in his life.

However if the feeling of jealousy is developing anger, envy & anxiety within you, then you are not just jealous, you are feeling helpless & you are understating your ability to get something which other person possess.  Jealously would kill you from inside, if you water the plant of jealousy with anger instead of hard work. You could either grow the cactus within yourself or the cashew, out of jealousy.

Jealousy is some type of energy which grows or collapses as per your feelings. If you continue feeling jealous, it would continue growing. Rather when you feel jealous out of  proportion, then take a moment and speak to your jealously.

"This feeling is wrong. I should not be feeling so jealous with somebody. We all have equal powers and I can achieve more than I am watching and feeling jealous right now. Almighty, help me to not to feel this way."

You can literally speak with your feelings of jealousy and pass it an order to leave you.  We all are unique and absolutely perfect. Don't feel jealous with somebody's money, beauty, physicality or life. If you feel jealous with somebody's money, then you are keeping yourself from attracting money, since you are creating negative energy, which is sending signal to universe, that you don't have enough money and you would attract what you feel.

A bird doesn't envy a fish and vice a versa. We all have equal energy, that we can use to create our kind of life.

I am the kind of sort, who wish to expand his ears to the height of sky, so I could listen more to God and write. In this process I fail on my progress in office, relationships and many other things, but as long as I am feeling happy, then its fine since I am created for writing. I don't feel envy with my colleagues in office who earn more or get more recognition as my path is different than them. Problem is that that people even feel jealous with few people who are not part of their competition. Like one of friend who works in a call center, feels jealous with his family doctor due to his earnings. Its like wasting the precious energy. We all are like stones under the water; unique and beautiful. Just stop comparing yourself with others and be happy with what you are and have.

The kind of life you live needs great courage. If you are reading this message then that means you have survived all this long. Just be at your best and be happy with the piece of bread you have. There are thousands of people out there, who wish to have your life, your job, your family or your children. We all are lucky. Just feel thankful for what all you have and more will come to you.

I wish you a happy life

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Why Good people has more problems?

Let us go, way back to the time, when God has created this universe. God has created two opposite forces, Good & the Evil.   The creation of Evil force was as important as creation of Good. Since without the Evil force there is no recognition for the Good.  Imagine in schools every student is getting First class grade or in offices everyone is getting promotion.  The world would be so boring place to live, in absence of unevenness. Therefore, to recognise Goodness there has to be Badness. 

'Good' and 'Bad' are nothing, but just the perception. You also know that some people you dislike are the same people who are most loved by somebody else. Most of the Good & Bad people and things are societal invention. We compare others with our self, to label them Good or Bad.

Rape is bad, killing innocent people is bad, troubling stray animals is bad. However, buttering to boss for promotion is not bad, having sex with many, out of personal will is not bad, boozing is not bad (its harmful), following ones passion is not bad etc. Everyone wants promotion, fun & more than others. So if you are left behind so do not consider the people ahead of you as bad.

If you are following societal rules, following your religion and term yourself as Good, and Bad to those who don't follow it, is not right.  Personal will is Godly. Every one of us are unique and talented.  A bird can't term an elephant as bad, only because the latter cannot fly.

Two opposite forces created by God exist everywhere. Problems are nothing but just the passing moments, just like the happiness. Most good people feel themselves unhappy, since they are comparing themselves with people around, who are happier, despite not following the rules.

Then they ask why God gives more to bad people? Before the eyes of God everyone is equal. Good & bad are deeds for which the soul shall suffer after the death of body.  Even the smallest of smallest good deed, would not go unnoticed. Sooner or later or could be in your next birth or could be your loved ones would enjoy the fruits of your good deeds and the opposite would happen if the deeds are bad.

The world around is beautiful. Be at peace with your life and stop falling into trap of good or bad. Let God take account of the good and bad. You are on earth as traveller and would keep moving, by changing bodies, so enjoy your vacation & be happy.

I wish you a happy life

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

What do you talk to yourself?

No one can lie to himself. The soul within know everything about us. Our body is habituated to our daily actions. For example, the time when we get up on weekdays and weekend's. Our body is used to it. Over the period of time what all we thought, what all we felt, what all we did; accordingly our body is used to follow such pattern.

What you Speak to yourself is the biggest contributor to your habit. What you Speak to yourself, it becomes your Thoughts, then Thoughts influence your Actions, later your Actions brings Results & accordingly your life is designed.

So you have to look at your life today, which would be the result of your past actions. You can't undone the past actions but certainly you could take charge of your current life.  What you Talk to yourself really makes a difference to your life.

When you Say, "I can't afford" then you give birth to shackle of impossibility, that circles  around you and keeps you from affording your desire. On the contrary, if you say "How can I afford it?" then you are opening the cage of impossibility within you.

"I am happy" "I am positive" "I am strong" are few affirmations you should speak to yourself. When you Speak a word it travels far beyond imagination. Like some boomerang our 'Words' return to us. Wind traverse the Words to the Universe & it Returns to our lives as we uttered.

You can't expect God to make your life positive when you yourself speak negative about it. As they say, words are mightier than the sword, is indeed true; since the Sword kills & the Words manifest.  Just like the rainfall, the power of words apply to just and even to unjust. You can't escape the problems but you could certainly escape the way of speaking about it.

I know I am the best. The one who is reading this message is the best. This life is beautiful. God is very happy with me. This planet is beautiful. God bless all

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Thought Power !

Some thought we know is unimportant, still we hold onto it as if we are inebriated by it.  We put ourselves in two minds; One, the thought itself and the Other thought, defending existence of first one.  We keep ourselves from thinking about it. Still the same thought would pop up again & again. Despite we know that thoughts are seeds that would harvest our future, still we find hard to move our thoughts at optimistic end.

This is the time when we are put to test. The time when the divine power is working upon us. The idea is to make us learn about changing ourselves. When our mind is trapped into some unwanted or unimportant or negative thought, then our power is on test, whether we choose to withstand it or we choose to withdraw from it.

Our life vehicle moves in the direction of our thoughts. We have the power to withdraw or withstand a thought. We can't project a successful life with unsuccessful thoughts. We need to develop a habit to withdraw ourselves with thoughts that are unimportant and off road to our destiny.

Once you have identified a wrong thought, then just replace it with right thought or delete it completely. Don't water it with your time and make it grow. It takes lot of courage and high character to undone a thought about someone who did you wrong. Each of us are bodies that would decompose some day and we all are working here for development of our souls. So don't carry the wrong thought to your soul.

Imagine what the tress would be thinking at this time? Are they feeling angry or just growing? Trees choose to overlook negative around them. Their thoughts are godly. May be we can't be completely become like trees but we could certainly try to embrace the quality of letting go of unimportant thought.

Your thought would effect You, Your relationship's, Your life, Your future & Your journey. So handle it wisely.

I wish you a very happy life,

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Life in Top Gear

When a car is in its top gear, it runs at its highest speed. It is always not possible to drive at the top gear and we shift gears according to the situation. Situations may not always favor to drive at top speed, but the driver keeps looking for chances to increase the speed, so he could reach faster.

Similarly, in life it is not always possible to be at our best. There could be situations which would keep you from moving fast, but the hope of speeding up, would enhance the chances to be at the top. Problem with most of us is that that when we have chance to increase the speed, during that very moment we are mourning over  the past. As you shift gears of your car the same way you should learn to shift your efforts.

You might be in the situation when your life car is stuck in traffic of burdens & worries but always remember it is not your permanent destination. The time coming would be more favourable. You have to mould your efforts according to your situations.

Don't feel jealous with anyone ahead of you. Don't feel yourself lesser than anyone. The red signals are bound to turn to green and you would certainly get a chance to ride away. Unnecessary shifting would be dangerous, so drive smartly.

You are the driver of your life car. Take 100% responsibility of your life. Drive slow during bumps (usually put by  others), Push brake (to avoid harming others), Focus on your journey (others could take different roads), Drive smartly (learn to take shortcuts), Press horn (beware of the people coming between you & your way of success), other cars at the signal are always attractive (your life is equally good) God is watching you (your car has an airbag).

Happy Journey

Friday, 29 April 2016

Corporate Promotions

There are good bosses, there are good employees, there are good companies, there are good colleagues... In everyone's dream. HaHa!

It is always good WORK & nothing else. What you do, if that is done with complete zest, as if you are worshipping so its as good as promotion (of soul). Almost all of us consider promotion, as rise in grade and paycheck at work. And that's the reason for tons of sadness around.

Roll back your life and go to that first day when you have started working. That first day, that first salary credit, that first promotion are few memories unforgettable. As we started to leap at the corporate ladder, our lives have changed. Most of us are in debts, family responsibility have multiplied, expenses have outscored incomes, earned millions & doesn't even has one lac rupees in bank account.

The work experience what we proudly write on our CVs have actually ruined our lives in some way, isn't it?

And then we are expecting promotion and sobbing if not given. Is this the kind of life anyone of you has projected when you have started working? Promotion is not the solution. If you feel you would be happy if you are promoted, then you are certainly wrong. It would be the celebration of few days & you shall be back to grind and will be working for next appraisals. Year on year this story continues & one day everything will end in a second's. There are no designation of a dead body. Death doesn't show mercy towards an executive or a vice president.

Its time to change your thought process. Over the period of time, the more you have earned the more you have enveloped your life into debts & responsibilities, on the cost of your dreams. That's the reason that that most of you don't like the work you do.

You have to change the way you think. Rise above the thought that money & promotion are reasons of happiness. If you are not rich then that simply means you don't love money. You work for money even if you are not happy with your work.

Everyone has some talent and most of us don't earn money by making our passion as our work. We have learnt new temporary corporate talents and have attached all of our happiness to it. Most of us want promotion not because we love it but for the sake of telling others about it?

Change your perception & expect promotion of your soul for which you are here, Living.

Write me at if you want to know more.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Process of Manifestation

We all have dreams.  Knowingly or unknowingly, we all desires to be or have something in life, before we die. A dreamer is the creator, preserver, lover & achiever of his dream. No one can understand a dream better than a dreamer himself.

Problem with most of us is that that we break up with some of our dreams, in the middle of a journey & not because we don't want it anymore but because we starts to doubt our own ability. The feeling of fear & impossibilities overlaps our feeling of faith & confidence. If the dreamer stops believing, then the dream is dead.

Don't let your dreams die. Everything in the universe is spiritually connected to each other with Energy. Our planet earth is one of the smallest part of this massive universe. All the planets are connected to each other with energy including the heaven.  If you wish to check, then close your eyes and try speaking with your deceased loved ones and you would hear their voice. Its not some hallucination, its real. Telepathy as we say, works on the same concept, 'Connection'. Try it !

We all are powerful, beyond what we can imagine. Do not belittle your power by letting your dreams die. We all have everything ALREADY that we desire to have. Like some foggy mirror, our results are right before us, however its blurred with fog. We just have to wipe off the fog with faith & hard work and the desire is manifested.

Its already yours. You just have to put efforts to the limit you could. Faith & belief mixed with hard work could manifest anything.  Law of attraction surely works but there are steps involved which you need to understand. You can't be a millionaire with a poverty mindset.

Anyone interested to know more or if law of attraction doesn't working for you, then you may reach me for guidance. Email me at .You can heal any problem of your life through this process.

I wish each one of you a happy & peaceful life.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

For those who think, life isn't fair to them.

Often I come across people who tells me, how their life isn't treating them right or how they struggle for survival. Friends, I say this with most respectfully & with no offense that you yourself are the reasons for your struggles.

Strangely, most of the things you believe in, are out of experience of somebody else. You know fire burns, as some point of time you have experienced it. But the pain is not the pain, as you think is true. Even the concept of pain is misinterpreted. For some no job is pain and it is pain not because they want to work, it is because they want money for the living. So such people would teach their loved ones that no job is pain and this idea would keep compounding in their family line and everyone perhaps invest their energy finding job even they have caliber to build some multinational company. It happens with most of us that ideology of life of our parents and ours are the same because we inherit the meaning of pain from them. And if you ask parents about their experience, then they would say that their parents had taught them like this.

So what I argue here is that we don't see struggles as passing moments, but we believe it to be our destiny and preach about it. And as you sow so shall you reap, your thoughts when blended with feelings produces experience. Your current situations are just the result of your own belief's.

Most times the struggles are not actually worth to be called as struggle. Most of us struggle to get up early in the morning, but within we know its a habit and not a struggle. So the point is most of us are habituated to believe that particular situations as struggles, although they are just passing moments.

10% events of life are unavoidable circumstances for which you can't do anything like death, tsunami etc. But remaining 90% could be tackled, resolved & put to end. We as humans has a light of our creator and we are one with him. And the magnificent creation like us, if we doubt on our abilities that just means that we don't trust our Creator.

Your current gloomy situation would turn its route, if you gather utmost belief in yourself and speak to your problems to leave you. You have power of God. Just rise up and face whatever comes your way. Situations whether good or bad are passing moments and do not give them importance more than they deserve.

I wish you a happy life,
Chetan Dalvi

Friday, 12 February 2016

Fear of Failure at Workplace

In each departments of every corporate, you will always find people doing the same job but delivering different performances. There are various reasons to it, like product knowledge, attitude towards the work, personal problems, lack of self confidence, fear et cetera. The most important, common & dangerous factor among these is- Fear.

Could be, feeling fearful that one might end up doing mistakes or fear of being pulled up before other colleagues or fear of losing job or fear of losing out on the desired raise in salary or fear of underperformance et cetera.

As long as you are happy with fearful feelings then its fine, but I'm sure that nobody feels happy in fears, some may be used to it but deep down, they are surely not happy.

Fear is the common feeling that everyone experiences. Even the most successful personalities goes through some or the other kind of fear. However the successful people develops an ability to overcome their fear.

Escaping from fear is like controlling to urinate. Eventually you have to face it or otherwise your life will go awry. Every fearful situation will chases you, no matter how long you avoid it. Eventually you have to face them. You can make yourself strong and confident to face your fear or you can plan to escape from your fear.

The life experiences never just floats across silent waves. You have to face storms either by your own will or the will of the storms itself. That tough moments are developed in such a way by Almighty that it would pass for sure and even teach you some lesson for sure.

How many days you would pass in office with that fear of being unable to do something? You can change the employer but the fear would always remain unless you overcome it. The opportunities and fear shall continue its deliveries and you have to learn to face it firmly and confidently like some sportsman facing the opponents on the field.

Friends, think about overcoming your fear instead of worrying about it. Once you face your fear the other kind of fear would be waiting to put you under test again. However, the fear you overcome turns into opportunities and more fears you face the more opportunities you receive.

You can write to me at with your feedback or any queries you have about your fear. And if you liked this message hope you would pass on to your friends.

Chetan Dalvi

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Must Read For All Parents

I always wanted to have my own daughter. This is the reason in my second book, 'Happily Married' I have mentioned about a girl child, nick named as 'Akku,' perhaps to better express myself.

I believe that my children shouldn't be like me at all. Instead they should be better than me in everything. Most of us try moulding our children with our own experience; we wanted them to be like us. We measure their actions with our experiences.

As the value of any money is not the same as it had been few years back. Similarly most of the experiences turns out dated with time. It mat happen that some person who strongly believes in God has an atheist child.

A mother bird teaches her young ones to fly.. but may not able to dictate the territory to fly. Probably, she always desires that her young one's could fly better, live longer and have better children than her. Similarly, let your child makes their own bridges of experiences and walk. Parenting is like some 'Matchstick' who sacrifice it's  life to light the candles; still it doesn't own the lightness neither the darkness.

Some of us expect our children's to fulfill our dreams, mainly something we couldn't achieve by own.  Friends, you can give life, but try not moulding it with your experience, belief & dreams.

Remember, its a Human Life and not an Ice Cream.

I should recommend you reading my book 'Happily Married' which would give you more insight on love, care & sacrifice. Your copy is just a click away. Follow this

I wish you a happy parenting,
Chetan Dalvi

Friday, 1 January 2016

Life Screws Everyone


These words are disarranged as for some people life creates nothing new. My thought today dedicate to those peoples.

For some its new year celebrations .. boozing, bursting firecrackers, having meal at restaurants, exchanging messages & not working at all.

On the other hand, for some people its just another day of hard work. I encountered with a very old man (may be in his late 70's) at one of the railway stations of Mumbai at around 11.30 p.m. yesterday. He was selling the incense sticks. He told me that he would try selling for one more hour. He had a wife to support and a only son who happens to be a special child. I was happy to see at least he was working irrespective of old age; instead of begging.

While most of us celebrated new year, my prayers are with people who may slept hungry.

With Gods grace I'm settled at my plush home but I wonder that old man might be still hunting for customers or he might be preparing for hard work today.  God bless him and everyone.

As the milk dilutes in black tea so shall I would dilute one day in Almighty. Wish before that day I could understand the real reason of disparities.

Thank you God for giving me so much.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Bosses and Leaders

"Age doesn't guarantees maturity, hardship does."

The designations classifies officials, just like different religions. As possibly, some religion could have a combination of freedom fighters & terrorist; similarly some designations could have the combination of bosses & leaders.

A boss is a person who doesn't just drapes around his or her neck an employee card, but he or she also drapes around a thread of ego, over confidence & negative vibes. On the other hand, a leader drapes around his or her neck a chain of understanding, humbleness & great character along with her or his employee card.

I wonder how some people doesn't makes sense at all most of the times and combining with zero personality & still you find them happily wrapping a torn blanket of so called designation. The least these people could foresight is their appraisal. A 'VP' for example as designation may stand for Very (great) Personality or Very (poor) Personality.

Some body who is a leader, attracts its peers just like some magnet. He or she believes in effort rather than wasting most of the time on imparting feedbacks.

Not just in office, while you are with friends or family members; try being a leader and lead people associated with you to growth. Keep yourself from some people who pretends to be a leader. Life is too short to harm others and save criticisms within for others.

Remember, a good character is far better than a worst career.

On death bed, nobody will talk about your appraisals or promotions. Don't boss around rather lead around.

I wish everyone a happy life,
Chetan Dalvi

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Obsessions in Life

We all go through situations which are most difficult to face. Events which make us upset, angry, exhausted, we feel like nothing is happening positive to us. 

No matter how happy or sad you are in life, you always get everyday some free time when you think/plan/write/booze/talk/take actions/etc. May be free time during travelling, a time when you wait on bed for sleep, or a time when you have no work, or a time when you are home alone, or a time when you are waiting for someone or could be time when you are sitting on a pot. This is actually a time for thought, the thoughts during these events motivates your mind, build your character, develop or collapse your confidence.

I usually write when I get such times, as I am doing now during travelling in train (26.11.15 08.10 p.m. IST). As I see around I see some passengers sleeping, some fighting with co- passengers, some reading, some playing games on mobile, some looking out of the window and appears to be in deep thought and some doing nothing but waiting for their turn to get seated. Ironically most of us have such free times still we give excuse of not having any time to concentrate on our dreams.

Please remember if you are obsessed about something then mold situations as per your choice and do not let situations mold you and drive your life. More you concentrate on your dreams, more you develop an obsession within. Don't keep yourself from achieving your goals, don't wait for the right time. The right time is always now.

We have to raise ourselves from the obsessions of anger, guilt, revenge & fear. These habits will always keep you from growing higher in life. Indeed embrace an obsession of your dreams; no matter where you are, think about your dreams and progress.

Those who wait are always found standing in queue. Rise up & act !!

I wish you a happy life,

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Why some people degrade others?

It happens with almost all of us that someone trying to degrade us without any fault. The idea is never to improve you, as degrade and feedback are two ends of same stick. The later could be positive, but the former is always intended to disarm somebody's positivity.

When you feel degraded you give away your power of patience, joy, strength & confidence. The person who  degrade others, always lacks an ability to perform some action by himself. Therefore they prefer attacking the performers capability with degradable comments.

I would have gave up writing completely, if I would have had minded the degradable comments of some people. The feeling of feeling degraded is an emotional obstacle which would keep you from going higher.

You cannot change somebody trying to degrade you, but you could surely keep yourself feeling offended by the comments. You rather could regrade yourself by believing in your inner power, concentrating on your strengths, developing a habit of happiness.

Neither degrade others, neither get offended with somebody trying to degrade you. Having said that, pray for somebody having a habit of degrading others, ask God to improve them, as they are digging the grave for themselves and even for those who set them as examples.

You may regrade your friends or loved ones by sharing this message if you liked.

I wish you a happy life,

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I wish sometimes...

In some private galaxy where only I and only I should be, then I imagine how wonderful it would be.

No office politics surrounding, neither any borrowing keeps compounding.

No credit card bills, neither any anger spills or guilts,

There would be no attire competition, neither there would be any satire surrounding.

No God, no religion, no cities or any selfish citizens. Politics might be an alien, no bargain in rupee, neither there could exist some houses worth billions.

I could eat what I like, there would be no historical boundaries, neither any future to foresight. No rich, no poor; everyday was like some world tour.

I would be happy if I live alone there, perhaps I could escape all the troubles here.

But God would do as He feel right, but I can wish or may I say might.

I could be hero, I could be PM, I may be Governor or I might be just zero. I may the only IAS, I the only star, I may be only struggler and filling streets with the tar.

I would not blame, I may not pride, neither any Godman nor any guide.

I may not get what I wish but still I keep thinking and thinking that how wonderful it could be when in some private galaxy where there would be me & only me.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Critical people in life

Does someone is jealous or insecure with you? So read this till the bottom.

As humans, we tend to make mistakes, mishandle things, spill emotions or it happens that sometimes we fail to give our best shot. It is a proven fact that everybody learns from their failures.

Despite you giving your best tries all the time, you would always find some people criticising you or trying to spoil your name or put up/ pass direct or indirect critical comments about you or brag about their own bubble world or even sometimes trying to instigate you for an argument.

Each one of us at certain levels have critics in our lives. May be some friends, relatives or some professionals and you never find a single person alive without having critics. As a matter of fact, even God has critics.

Criticism is healthy as long as you take it from the right people. The people who care about you, would criticize to help you improve and it is advised to give every possible attention to these peoples feedback. As it would help you to refine yourself and go higher in your lives.

At the other end of the scale, you would find people criticising or backbiting about you, out of insecurity or jealousy.  The number of critics perhaps increase as you grow higher in your life.

Some people would be okay as long as your wings are drawn closer to your body; however, when you start taking efforts to spread your wings and to leap higher, it would be then, some people shall start getting jealous or insecure with you.

Therefore, friends you have to choose your critics wisely. Ignore the comments of critical peoples who are getting insecure or jealous with your growth. Keep yourself from people who brags about their bubble world.

Just keep moving towards your goals, strive hard to realise your dreams, choose your critics wisely and take care of yourself & your loved ones.

I wish you a happy life,