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Friday, 30 October 2015

Effect of motivational messages

I saw a guy this morning selling the mirrors. How amazing it is to learn that we buy mirrors to see just to ourselves. Mirror reflects our physical bodies and helps up to fix our appearances. The motivational messages does the same thing for our souls.

We all know what is right, what is not; what we should do, what we not; what we want, what we not. The answers are within us. It often happens with all of us, that individually we like some message better than the others and the reason behind is, that we feel more connected with that message. It coincidentally describes our struggle, our situation, our view point better.

You fall in love with things you feel connected to. The same condition applies with the motivational messages. We feel a slight push after reading or hearing such messages.

Apparently all motivational speakers shares nothing new which nobody knows. The only difference is those who act upon what they know they should do, tends to be more successful than the other group of people, who do not follow.

When we read or listen to some message we get reminded about our goals and we draw inspiration to achieve our dreams, we get confidence from other successful stories and starts to act.

In part of epic Ramayana, Lord Hanuman forgotten about his powers, due to childhood curse and when he was reminded about it, He leaped into the skies and crossed the ocean, sets the golden Lanka on fire, killed demons. Similarly, we all have great powers within, and motivational messages helps us to realise it and achieve our dreams.

I wish to remind you that you all are unique, talented, beautiful and could do anything you wish to.

I wish you a happy life,

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Growing higher in life

Everybody starts their day with positive mindset, expecting the best to happen during the day. However, most of the times, as the day unfolds we realise that our expectations didn't match with circumstances. By end of the day, we become totally uptight and return to our homes tiredly.

If someone tells me that he has 5 years of work experience, I wonder if he had really grown in those 5 years or just slogged.

The growth even takes place in the physical structure of animals with each passing days. However at the end of the day they are still animals. But we humans are totally different.

As we grow up, in addition to change in our physical body, our foresightedness enhances, our endurance level enhances, we act more responsible.

If some same thing or person makes you upset from past few years then you need to analyze your growth. As we grow up we learn to handle situations better. We don't get upset over little things easily.

We don't just grow up for ourselves but our growth sets an example for our children's. It is most common that our children keeps us as an example and starts their life journeys. So whatever you do today would not only impact your life but even to your immediate family.

You couldn't measure your growth just with bank balance, rather measure it with your level of patience. Check if some old wrong event or people who betrayed you, still bothers you. Check if you still gets tensed for unimportant things. Check if small losses still makes you restless. You can even check the quality of your prayers and what you seek from God.

Grow higher, grow happier, grow funnier, grow smarter, grow better, grow and just grow ... just as business without profits is of no use; so as the life without growth.

I wish you a happy life,

Sunday, 25 October 2015

God: Generator, Operator & Destroyer

Have you ever wondered how a different pieces of vast cake would taste?

Same, isn't it?  So is the God I believe.

He/She is religionless, undefinable, indestructible, formless and omnipresent.

If I write God, so everybody reading it has some picture of Him/ Her within. Some even may picturize their parents or some may picturize their Guru they believe into.

Its my most difficult attempt to write about God as He/She is everything and in everything.

God is present as I am writing this, God is present with everybody whoever will read this. May be after few decades when I am dead and if somebody is reading this blog, God would be still there.

We do not realise in the middle of our busy schedule but isn't it amazing how beautiful is the earth and its existence, how wonderfully the law of karma works with everybody, how amazing is the existence of body & soul, how the living beings have different Gods yet the same planet.

Like those electricity wires running through the poles and assembles at transformers. So are we all, we are different by religion, gender & beliefs but we all are connected with each other.

Movement is the concept. Earth moves, river flows, Sun rise & set, living beings struggles for living.

Everything is moving and it is beautifully engineered by God. Our round shaped planet symbolize a wheel; every second on movement.

Work with complete passion and keep moving towards your goal. God has structured your life in such a way that even a simple act of saving an ant from your steps would be counted.

So do well, act well & live happily.

I thank Almighty for making this beautiful world. I pray for happiness and peace for each one of you.

I wish you a happy life,

Friday, 23 October 2015

Seeing the unseen

Most of us has a habit of dwelling upon the facts and minute details of almost everything in life. We make conclusions, pass on judgments, believe more in practicalities and keep ourselves from trying new things in life.

It is good to have knowledge, it is good to know the reasons; however, sometimes you should prepare your mind to believe in impossibilities. You may not be wrong in judging the facts, but there is something beyond facts and that we call, a Miracle.

When you believe into something that is unbelievable, when you visualize something which everybody believes impossible, then you let the new ideas hover upon you.

All the scientific discoveries are the results of somebody seeing what others couldn't. You can see yourself rising higher in life or you can see yourself living the life of your dreams or you can see yourself totally debt free or having a perfect relationship.

When you started seeing the unseen, you then tap into the super natural energy around you.

Never let your circumstance describe you; never let the people around choose your destiny; rather believe in yourself, see the unseen, work with full zest and change your circumstances.

Just like we could not see the wind, yet we can feel it. The same way the energies around you are not visible but everybody is born with the power to draw strength from it, with their beliefs.

Your current circumstances, family background, financial situation, may keep you from believing into impossibilities.
You can either choose to be where you are or could choose to gather courage and believe that you could still achieve your dreams.

I wish you a happy life.

Author Chetan Dalvi

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Success is pricey

All of us knowingly or unknowingly have achieved success upon many things in life. Whether it could be success in learning to drive, or success in establishing an enterprise, or could be success in marrying to the person one love.

Success is not an easy task, success doesn't comes from wishful thinking. You can think about success and build confidence within but you have to release your confidence, put actions to your thoughts to achieve success.

As a child I used to dream about sitting in an airplane very much. If I could see an airplane in the sky, I used to stare it continuously, until it is lost in the clouds. I luckily achieved success in this area some years later but even for this little dream, as it may appear, I have worked very hard.

Success is the result of your dreams. When you dream, you desire to endure some toughest exam and how you perform in the exam, shall determine your success. You may pass or fail but you surely learn to prepare for some next exam. So result could be uncertain, but definitely not the learning.

The form of success depends upon person to person, as we all know that, for some blind person, success could be watching the world from his own eyes. So never belittle your dreams, neither take somebody's else dreams for granted.

Do not appear in exam of efforts just for sake of trying... appear to be successful.


I wish you a happy life,

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Ten important takeaways (for life) from candy crush game:

1. No matter how busy you are, you can always find time, to do the things you love (just as you find time to play candy crush)
2. It is good to keep a watch on your progress (just as you watch your progress in game)
3. No matter if some people doesn't like you, there shall be always some group of people who loves to have you with them (just like similar candies enjoy each others company).
4. It's not important how many times you lost; it matters how many times you tried (just as you try completing some stage multiple times restlessly).
5. There shall be always people who are not so fortunate like you, who desires to be at your place, who would love to have your life, your job or your friends; so value what you have and keep progressing (just as someone who is behind you in game).
6. If you are trying and losing then you are far ahead with peoples, who are not trying at all (just as you being at first stage and somebody not installed the game yet).
7. In the middle of trying and losing, it is better to take some break and regather energy within before a fresh start (just as timeout breaks in game if you lose in continuation).
8. When you are with family, keep everything aside and give them a quality time (for those who play candy crush in bedroom's).
9. Everyone starts from the scratch so do not get jealous with people ahead of you, do not dwell upon impossibilities, do not sob upon losses (just like someone who is at 100th stage has started with 1st stage someday).
10. Life is one of its kind and like some never ending book, just keep reading, learning, moving, growing & inspiring. (just as you never hear anyone saying they finished the complete game).

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Some tips to handle work (pressure) in office:

Office arrest is the right word, just like some house arrest. As most of our times are spent in office.

You wake up in the morning, travel to office, work all day, come back home.
Sounds simple, isn't it?

The irony however is different - you wake up in the morning (don't feel like leaving the bed, but you do !), you travel to office (the to-do list of the day keeps running back of your mind), you work all day (in an environment where work is always lesser than the plannings), come back home (to prepare yourself for the next day).

Some of the following remedies, you can observe, in order to keep yourself from work pressure in office:

1. Love your work, not your boss. (you can love your company, who is paying you)
2. No one is expert in everything. (Even your head of department)
3. Its OK to ask questions.
4. Its nothing wrong, if you can't speak in English properly as long as you are able to express yourself in Hindi or any other regional language which everyone could understand. (perhaps only in India)
5. If somebody is senior to you, that doesn't mean he would be always right. (Seniority doesn't guarantee relevant experience)
6. Choose your self respect &  ethics, over your job.
7. Do not waste time thinking about amount of work to be done, rather start doing it.
8. You are not a robot to deliver everything on a same day. You can always leave on time and continue next day.
9. Take out sometime for your family, friends & hobby even during weekdays.
10. Everything happens for some good reason, even the worst of the worst things in life. (Death could be an exception)
11. You can keep yourself arguing with the idiots.
12. Leave every feeling of disappointment in office and come back home with fresh mind, just as you left for office in morning.
13. You should try taking sick leave, even when you are sick of everything and need sometime for yourself.
14. Last but not the least, do not forget that the God you believe in, is above everything.

I wish you a happy life,

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Feed(back) and Feed(forward)

I was talking to a friend who happens to be a part of senior management of multinational bank. He talked  to me about benefits of feedback. He shared about his great successes with this process.

I wonder if feed-back could bring so much success, then what miracle could feed-forward would do.

Telling someone that he should work hard in positive way could bring better results than telling him the same thing with annoyance.

"You could do better" or you can say  "You did not met expectations". The same meaning but the first sentence is easily adaptable. Whether its feedback from employer, or parents or teacher or close friend.  We consume words which are filled with optimism.

Everyone carries the bundle of self-respect, attitude, belief & understanding. You can win hearts by expressing sentences with optimism or you can break hearts by saying the same sentence with pessimism.

Mostly people give feed(back) as way of expressing authority, experience and greatness. However the true leader passes feed(forward) as they know the receiver is very much human like them.

As candle lights another candle; you can either collapse somebody's confidence with your pessimistic feedback or you can raise somebody's confidence with optimistic feed(forward) having same meaning.

So next time remember this message when expressing your opinion with colleagues or friends or kids and even to yourself.

I wish you a happy life,