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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Obsessions in Life

We all go through situations which are most difficult to face. Events which make us upset, angry, exhausted, we feel like nothing is happening positive to us. 

No matter how happy or sad you are in life, you always get everyday some free time when you think/plan/write/booze/talk/take actions/etc. May be free time during travelling, a time when you wait on bed for sleep, or a time when you have no work, or a time when you are home alone, or a time when you are waiting for someone or could be time when you are sitting on a pot. This is actually a time for thought, the thoughts during these events motivates your mind, build your character, develop or collapse your confidence.

I usually write when I get such times, as I am doing now during travelling in train (26.11.15 08.10 p.m. IST). As I see around I see some passengers sleeping, some fighting with co- passengers, some reading, some playing games on mobile, some looking out of the window and appears to be in deep thought and some doing nothing but waiting for their turn to get seated. Ironically most of us have such free times still we give excuse of not having any time to concentrate on our dreams.

Please remember if you are obsessed about something then mold situations as per your choice and do not let situations mold you and drive your life. More you concentrate on your dreams, more you develop an obsession within. Don't keep yourself from achieving your goals, don't wait for the right time. The right time is always now.

We have to raise ourselves from the obsessions of anger, guilt, revenge & fear. These habits will always keep you from growing higher in life. Indeed embrace an obsession of your dreams; no matter where you are, think about your dreams and progress.

Those who wait are always found standing in queue. Rise up & act !!

I wish you a happy life,

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Why some people degrade others?

It happens with almost all of us that someone trying to degrade us without any fault. The idea is never to improve you, as degrade and feedback are two ends of same stick. The later could be positive, but the former is always intended to disarm somebody's positivity.

When you feel degraded you give away your power of patience, joy, strength & confidence. The person who  degrade others, always lacks an ability to perform some action by himself. Therefore they prefer attacking the performers capability with degradable comments.

I would have gave up writing completely, if I would have had minded the degradable comments of some people. The feeling of feeling degraded is an emotional obstacle which would keep you from going higher.

You cannot change somebody trying to degrade you, but you could surely keep yourself feeling offended by the comments. You rather could regrade yourself by believing in your inner power, concentrating on your strengths, developing a habit of happiness.

Neither degrade others, neither get offended with somebody trying to degrade you. Having said that, pray for somebody having a habit of degrading others, ask God to improve them, as they are digging the grave for themselves and even for those who set them as examples.

You may regrade your friends or loved ones by sharing this message if you liked.

I wish you a happy life,

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I wish sometimes...

In some private galaxy where only I and only I should be, then I imagine how wonderful it would be.

No office politics surrounding, neither any borrowing keeps compounding.

No credit card bills, neither any anger spills or guilts,

There would be no attire competition, neither there would be any satire surrounding.

No God, no religion, no cities or any selfish citizens. Politics might be an alien, no bargain in rupee, neither there could exist some houses worth billions.

I could eat what I like, there would be no historical boundaries, neither any future to foresight. No rich, no poor; everyday was like some world tour.

I would be happy if I live alone there, perhaps I could escape all the troubles here.

But God would do as He feel right, but I can wish or may I say might.

I could be hero, I could be PM, I may be Governor or I might be just zero. I may the only IAS, I the only star, I may be only struggler and filling streets with the tar.

I would not blame, I may not pride, neither any Godman nor any guide.

I may not get what I wish but still I keep thinking and thinking that how wonderful it could be when in some private galaxy where there would be me & only me.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Critical people in life

Does someone is jealous or insecure with you? So read this till the bottom.

As humans, we tend to make mistakes, mishandle things, spill emotions or it happens that sometimes we fail to give our best shot. It is a proven fact that everybody learns from their failures.

Despite you giving your best tries all the time, you would always find some people criticising you or trying to spoil your name or put up/ pass direct or indirect critical comments about you or brag about their own bubble world or even sometimes trying to instigate you for an argument.

Each one of us at certain levels have critics in our lives. May be some friends, relatives or some professionals and you never find a single person alive without having critics. As a matter of fact, even God has critics.

Criticism is healthy as long as you take it from the right people. The people who care about you, would criticize to help you improve and it is advised to give every possible attention to these peoples feedback. As it would help you to refine yourself and go higher in your lives.

At the other end of the scale, you would find people criticising or backbiting about you, out of insecurity or jealousy.  The number of critics perhaps increase as you grow higher in your life.

Some people would be okay as long as your wings are drawn closer to your body; however, when you start taking efforts to spread your wings and to leap higher, it would be then, some people shall start getting jealous or insecure with you.

Therefore, friends you have to choose your critics wisely. Ignore the comments of critical peoples who are getting insecure or jealous with your growth. Keep yourself from people who brags about their bubble world.

Just keep moving towards your goals, strive hard to realise your dreams, choose your critics wisely and take care of yourself & your loved ones.

I wish you a happy life,