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Friday, 29 April 2016

Corporate Promotions

There are good bosses, there are good employees, there are good companies, there are good colleagues... In everyone's dream. HaHa!

It is always good WORK & nothing else. What you do, if that is done with complete zest, as if you are worshipping so its as good as promotion (of soul). Almost all of us consider promotion, as rise in grade and paycheck at work. And that's the reason for tons of sadness around.

Roll back your life and go to that first day when you have started working. That first day, that first salary credit, that first promotion are few memories unforgettable. As we started to leap at the corporate ladder, our lives have changed. Most of us are in debts, family responsibility have multiplied, expenses have outscored incomes, earned millions & doesn't even has one lac rupees in bank account.

The work experience what we proudly write on our CVs have actually ruined our lives in some way, isn't it?

And then we are expecting promotion and sobbing if not given. Is this the kind of life anyone of you has projected when you have started working? Promotion is not the solution. If you feel you would be happy if you are promoted, then you are certainly wrong. It would be the celebration of few days & you shall be back to grind and will be working for next appraisals. Year on year this story continues & one day everything will end in a second's. There are no designation of a dead body. Death doesn't show mercy towards an executive or a vice president.

Its time to change your thought process. Over the period of time, the more you have earned the more you have enveloped your life into debts & responsibilities, on the cost of your dreams. That's the reason that that most of you don't like the work you do.

You have to change the way you think. Rise above the thought that money & promotion are reasons of happiness. If you are not rich then that simply means you don't love money. You work for money even if you are not happy with your work.

Everyone has some talent and most of us don't earn money by making our passion as our work. We have learnt new temporary corporate talents and have attached all of our happiness to it. Most of us want promotion not because we love it but for the sake of telling others about it?

Change your perception & expect promotion of your soul for which you are here, Living.

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Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Process of Manifestation

We all have dreams.  Knowingly or unknowingly, we all desires to be or have something in life, before we die. A dreamer is the creator, preserver, lover & achiever of his dream. No one can understand a dream better than a dreamer himself.

Problem with most of us is that that we break up with some of our dreams, in the middle of a journey & not because we don't want it anymore but because we starts to doubt our own ability. The feeling of fear & impossibilities overlaps our feeling of faith & confidence. If the dreamer stops believing, then the dream is dead.

Don't let your dreams die. Everything in the universe is spiritually connected to each other with Energy. Our planet earth is one of the smallest part of this massive universe. All the planets are connected to each other with energy including the heaven.  If you wish to check, then close your eyes and try speaking with your deceased loved ones and you would hear their voice. Its not some hallucination, its real. Telepathy as we say, works on the same concept, 'Connection'. Try it !

We all are powerful, beyond what we can imagine. Do not belittle your power by letting your dreams die. We all have everything ALREADY that we desire to have. Like some foggy mirror, our results are right before us, however its blurred with fog. We just have to wipe off the fog with faith & hard work and the desire is manifested.

Its already yours. You just have to put efforts to the limit you could. Faith & belief mixed with hard work could manifest anything.  Law of attraction surely works but there are steps involved which you need to understand. You can't be a millionaire with a poverty mindset.

Anyone interested to know more or if law of attraction doesn't working for you, then you may reach me for guidance. Email me at .You can heal any problem of your life through this process.

I wish each one of you a happy & peaceful life.