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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Understanding the Power of Patience

I remember when I finished writing my first book, 'Soni Please Come Back'; I wanted to see it in stores the very next day.  However, over the period of time I have learnt a most important lesson to 'Have Patience'.

A tree doesn't starts giving fruits overnight, a flower takes time to flourish, great architects takes years to stand tall, a bird takes time to learn flying despite it is born with wings, worlds fastest runner have learnt to crawl before walking & running.

Every greatest victory was not conquered overnight.  We might fall in love at first sight, but understanding takes years to develop.  Losing out on patience at work place or relationship or dreams are common incidents.

The time when you think that you could no longer continue & you have reached your limitations; that is the time when you have to double your efforts. That is the time when the destiny is closer & you are made to attempt the final test of patience. 

Just as, when the child is about to get delivered, the labour pain of its mother was at peak.  When you feel that you have reached the fag end of your patience or your hard work or the number of tries you have put in certain activity or relationship; it was the time, when your dreams are about to come out, from the womb of your destiny.   It is not the fag end, it's rather the indication of new beginning. Therefore, do not give up out of frustration.

It may happen that your growth could be slower than your peers, but keep going. You may be earning lesser than your colleagues, but continue being honest. You may be waiting since years for some dream to manifest, but keep dreaming. You may be yearning for life partner, but never stop believing in true love.

You can't just stop in the middle of racing track and blames everybody else for losing out on game.  You have to keep working & extending your level of patience unless you achieve your dreams.

Remember, you would never ever get difficulties, more than, that you can't handle. Your God knows your limitations better than you; so do not underestimate yourself or your God. 

It is better to keep trying, than giving up.
It is better to keep loving, than giving up.
It is better to wait, than giving up.
It is better to expect, than giving up.
It is better to try & lose, than not trying at all.

I wish that your patience level would multiply & you become the best of your own self that you can't even dream about.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

What they don't teach at Schools...

Each one us have cried on the first day of our playschool and on the last day of our college. Same tears, same person, but different reasons.

As a child, we desired to become something once we grow up. Our parents have desired us to become something, once we grow up. Once we have grown up, we have become something, that nobody expected.

As a child we thought our friend's parents are better, as they get everything they ask. Once we reached college, we felt envious with one friend who we thought has better life than us.  After we started earning, we understood that money was not the solution.  After we became parents, we pretend to have lived an idol life before our children.

The reason that almost all of us experience the same life is because life is some never ending Exam.

A child formed in the womb, was a winning sperm. A toddler wins, when he learns to walk.  These were the most important exams which we all have passed with flying colors.  However we take these victories for granted and give all importance to exams of schools and colleges.

We went to school to prepare ourselves for the life exams. But the question paper of life is totally indifferent to what we studied in schools.  No school taught about relationship, handling work pressure, pursuing ones dream, handling breakup or coping with fear. 

Students with good grades during schooling, sometimes fail in life exam and the reason is that that you don't need good grades or education to get better treatment from life. 

The advantage however in life exam is, that you are allowed to refer any book to answer the question. Therefore people turn to their places of worship or to their friends or to doctors or to parents or to spiritual gurus etc., for the solutions.

The answers however lie within us.  That's how the journey of our soul progresses.  Moments of happiness and sadness are just easy and difficult papers.  The more you take interest on the subject, the more you involve yourself in the study, the more you seek solution within; the better would be your life. 

No one can appear the exams of your life on your behalf.  Its You! who has to find solution and move on to next exam.  There are no grades in life exam.  The results are attached to your level of satisfaction.

You might be struggling with your finance's. You might be trying to over come from the pain of break up. You might be getting sleepless nights, since you are missing your deceased loved one.  You might not be able to explain your pains to anyone. You might be struggling with some health issues; Please understand that these are life exams, which you can't escape from and the power to clear your exam is lies within you. The more you attempt the exam with courage, the easier it would become for you to clear.

I pray to God to give you the power to realise your inner strength and clear your life exam with flying colors.

I wish you a happy life,

Monday, 23 May 2016

Master Key of Universe - LOVE

Well, Love is the easiest, yet difficult feeling to understand. Love is the source of every creation. Even the creation of universe is the result of Love. No one is unloved in this universe and it is Love that unites & inspire everything.

I asked Sun one fine morning, "Why don't you take leave on Sundays?" He answered, "Since I love everything. All my friends need me. Trees, River, Wind,  Humans,  Animals, Earth everyone needs me and I can't collapse their trust on me."

"What you get to do this?" I asked

"I don't love to get love in return. Ask a Flower why it blossoms despite it gets plucked. Ask a River what he gets in return for flowing. Ask a Tree what he gets in return for his fruits. Ask a Mother what she gets in return for her incomparable love. Loving without expectations is true love."

I asked a Tree then, "Why you let humans and birds and animals to take advantage of you?"

And he answered, "Love is an act of Giving. When the mother sacrifices her share of food for her children, she never thinks if her children are going to take care of her the same way, during her old age. When a father struggles in office to earn for his family, he never thinks that his family should earn for him too. When you Give, it is when you are involved in act of true love."

I asked a River "Which is the biggest mistake of humans?"

"The mistake of considering oneself as unloved. Each one of us are result of love. Our creator loves us, despite not being physically with us. The one who thinks that no one love's him or her is a biggest fool. The result of love has to be a loving. So its a biggest mistake if somebody belittles himself or herself, as we all are unique, special and loving in the eyes of our creator and we should see ourselves in the same way."

Then I ask my mother to whom she loves the most, whether to my father or to her children.

And she replied, "I love my Children. It is a myth that love doesn't rust with time, but the irony is that that in relationships the lovers, being the sailors of the relation-ship, eventually starts to focus on different light houses. The ship therefore stuck in the middle and couples argument on the direction they should go. One of them accepts to sacrifice his or her destiny and they then feels that the love between them is lost. However, love never evades, it just fades. When you & your siblings were born, it felt like our faded love has came to the surface in beautifuler form and it would never fade as the feeling of being mother would only a female or her creator would understand. So I can't say who I love most, whether my children or my husband, as I am like some tree who loves its sour and sweet fruits equally and that is love. Love overseas imperfections.

And I asked myself to whom I love the most?

"Writing, that gives me reason to live & share my thoughts. It was my love for Soni that inspired me to write after we broke up. And with passage of years, my love for her have grown up and so is my love for writing. There is no peak at which I will stop writing or loving as love is limitless like our universe. Even after I am dead my writings & love for Soni would continue blossoming."

Love is in abundance, yet we are mostly occupy ourselves with materialism. Everything around us is love. When you take out time to realise it, you will find that love loving you more than you love to love.

I wish you all a loving life.  Please spread this message if you loved it.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

My Conversations with God (1)

"Give me some thought to share today. I think I am done with writing everything I knew."

It won't happen ever. (Someone spoke to me). Till the time, this Earth is spinning, you would always have something to write about.  The writing is like some sea which would never ever gets deprived of water & shells.

If you write about 1000 books on Sun alone, still you will find that someday some new book has come up on Sun. There are millions of books on love stories, still each new day someone is writing a new book on love story. There is no end to anything except the physical body.

Right now as I speak to you. Sun is shining and would continue to do so, until I say onto him otherwise. Trees are growing. Sea waves are moving back & forth. Wind is flowing. Planets are set on their places. Few souls are waiting for rebirth. Few bodies are about to get perished. Few new bodies formed in the womb are about to take birth.  Everyone & everything is involved in  Movement I have designed.

Everyone is knowingly or unknowingly part of this movement. The one who is intelligent submits himself to this unending activity. When you feel that you have nothing to write it is the call of  devil. The life would seduce you in different ways and it is upon you, which form of seduction you choose, that would accordingly affect your life.

There is no better living than submission of oneself to the will of God. Whatsoever you do in life, do as if the act of devotion. No work is big or small and each human is  designed to do certain work more efficiently than others doing the same work. Anything you do with complete devotion would yield you more than a bread.

Rise above the fear of losing out on anything. The only purpose you should carry is the advancement of your soul.  Whether you milk a cow or get a bread by begging or run a million dollar empire; take out time to ask your soul about its purpose and it would reply you through feelings. Feelings are powerful tool of your soul. The feelings is language of soul, which your physical body understands. After your body is perished, the soul would carry the feelings to the sky and your next birth would carry forward those feelings with your new birth.

What you feel now is the result of present conditions & your past life feelings. Just get rid of feelings of worry, fear & discouragement and let these feeling perish with your body.  For you should know that everybody is born to excel so don't end up considering yourself otherwise.

For I speak with everyone and every time in different forms like feelings, advice of friend, physical conditions, bank balance, relationship's, death of loved ones and many more.  All one need is to keep his ears so big that it could hear the thundering in the sky years before the showers.

Amen !

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Learn to Stop Feeling Jealous

A star is not jealous with other star shining nearby. A rain drop does not envy with its peer. A leaf fallen on the ground doesn't stops wishing well for other leaves still hanging.  A thorn does not backbite about the rose.

People feel jealous when they see someone else living the life or having the thing they desire for themselves. It is natural to feel jealous and it is nothing wrong about it, as long as the jealousy is leading the person to the racing track. Then the person can work onto his sweats to get what he desires in life. This kind of jealously every winner has experienced once or more in his life.

However if the feeling of jealousy is developing anger, envy & anxiety within you, then you are not just jealous, you are feeling helpless & you are understating your ability to get something which other person possess.  Jealously would kill you from inside, if you water the plant of jealousy with anger instead of hard work. You could either grow the cactus within yourself or the cashew, out of jealousy.

Jealousy is some type of energy which grows or collapses as per your feelings. If you continue feeling jealous, it would continue growing. Rather when you feel jealous out of  proportion, then take a moment and speak to your jealously.

"This feeling is wrong. I should not be feeling so jealous with somebody. We all have equal powers and I can achieve more than I am watching and feeling jealous right now. Almighty, help me to not to feel this way."

You can literally speak with your feelings of jealousy and pass it an order to leave you.  We all are unique and absolutely perfect. Don't feel jealous with somebody's money, beauty, physicality or life. If you feel jealous with somebody's money, then you are keeping yourself from attracting money, since you are creating negative energy, which is sending signal to universe, that you don't have enough money and you would attract what you feel.

A bird doesn't envy a fish and vice a versa. We all have equal energy, that we can use to create our kind of life.

I am the kind of sort, who wish to expand his ears to the height of sky, so I could listen more to God and write. In this process I fail on my progress in office, relationships and many other things, but as long as I am feeling happy, then its fine since I am created for writing. I don't feel envy with my colleagues in office who earn more or get more recognition as my path is different than them. Problem is that that people even feel jealous with few people who are not part of their competition. Like one of friend who works in a call center, feels jealous with his family doctor due to his earnings. Its like wasting the precious energy. We all are like stones under the water; unique and beautiful. Just stop comparing yourself with others and be happy with what you are and have.

The kind of life you live needs great courage. If you are reading this message then that means you have survived all this long. Just be at your best and be happy with the piece of bread you have. There are thousands of people out there, who wish to have your life, your job, your family or your children. We all are lucky. Just feel thankful for what all you have and more will come to you.

I wish you a happy life

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Why Good people has more problems?

Let us go, way back to the time, when God has created this universe. God has created two opposite forces, Good & the Evil.   The creation of Evil force was as important as creation of Good. Since without the Evil force there is no recognition for the Good.  Imagine in schools every student is getting First class grade or in offices everyone is getting promotion.  The world would be so boring place to live, in absence of unevenness. Therefore, to recognise Goodness there has to be Badness. 

'Good' and 'Bad' are nothing, but just the perception. You also know that some people you dislike are the same people who are most loved by somebody else. Most of the Good & Bad people and things are societal invention. We compare others with our self, to label them Good or Bad.

Rape is bad, killing innocent people is bad, troubling stray animals is bad. However, buttering to boss for promotion is not bad, having sex with many, out of personal will is not bad, boozing is not bad (its harmful), following ones passion is not bad etc. Everyone wants promotion, fun & more than others. So if you are left behind so do not consider the people ahead of you as bad.

If you are following societal rules, following your religion and term yourself as Good, and Bad to those who don't follow it, is not right.  Personal will is Godly. Every one of us are unique and talented.  A bird can't term an elephant as bad, only because the latter cannot fly.

Two opposite forces created by God exist everywhere. Problems are nothing but just the passing moments, just like the happiness. Most good people feel themselves unhappy, since they are comparing themselves with people around, who are happier, despite not following the rules.

Then they ask why God gives more to bad people? Before the eyes of God everyone is equal. Good & bad are deeds for which the soul shall suffer after the death of body.  Even the smallest of smallest good deed, would not go unnoticed. Sooner or later or could be in your next birth or could be your loved ones would enjoy the fruits of your good deeds and the opposite would happen if the deeds are bad.

The world around is beautiful. Be at peace with your life and stop falling into trap of good or bad. Let God take account of the good and bad. You are on earth as traveller and would keep moving, by changing bodies, so enjoy your vacation & be happy.

I wish you a happy life

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

What do you talk to yourself?

No one can lie to himself. The soul within know everything about us. Our body is habituated to our daily actions. For example, the time when we get up on weekdays and weekend's. Our body is used to it. Over the period of time what all we thought, what all we felt, what all we did; accordingly our body is used to follow such pattern.

What you Speak to yourself is the biggest contributor to your habit. What you Speak to yourself, it becomes your Thoughts, then Thoughts influence your Actions, later your Actions brings Results & accordingly your life is designed.

So you have to look at your life today, which would be the result of your past actions. You can't undone the past actions but certainly you could take charge of your current life.  What you Talk to yourself really makes a difference to your life.

When you Say, "I can't afford" then you give birth to shackle of impossibility, that circles  around you and keeps you from affording your desire. On the contrary, if you say "How can I afford it?" then you are opening the cage of impossibility within you.

"I am happy" "I am positive" "I am strong" are few affirmations you should speak to yourself. When you Speak a word it travels far beyond imagination. Like some boomerang our 'Words' return to us. Wind traverse the Words to the Universe & it Returns to our lives as we uttered.

You can't expect God to make your life positive when you yourself speak negative about it. As they say, words are mightier than the sword, is indeed true; since the Sword kills & the Words manifest.  Just like the rainfall, the power of words apply to just and even to unjust. You can't escape the problems but you could certainly escape the way of speaking about it.

I know I am the best. The one who is reading this message is the best. This life is beautiful. God is very happy with me. This planet is beautiful. God bless all

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Thought Power !

Some thought we know is unimportant, still we hold onto it as if we are inebriated by it.  We put ourselves in two minds; One, the thought itself and the Other thought, defending existence of first one.  We keep ourselves from thinking about it. Still the same thought would pop up again & again. Despite we know that thoughts are seeds that would harvest our future, still we find hard to move our thoughts at optimistic end.

This is the time when we are put to test. The time when the divine power is working upon us. The idea is to make us learn about changing ourselves. When our mind is trapped into some unwanted or unimportant or negative thought, then our power is on test, whether we choose to withstand it or we choose to withdraw from it.

Our life vehicle moves in the direction of our thoughts. We have the power to withdraw or withstand a thought. We can't project a successful life with unsuccessful thoughts. We need to develop a habit to withdraw ourselves with thoughts that are unimportant and off road to our destiny.

Once you have identified a wrong thought, then just replace it with right thought or delete it completely. Don't water it with your time and make it grow. It takes lot of courage and high character to undone a thought about someone who did you wrong. Each of us are bodies that would decompose some day and we all are working here for development of our souls. So don't carry the wrong thought to your soul.

Imagine what the tress would be thinking at this time? Are they feeling angry or just growing? Trees choose to overlook negative around them. Their thoughts are godly. May be we can't be completely become like trees but we could certainly try to embrace the quality of letting go of unimportant thought.

Your thought would effect You, Your relationship's, Your life, Your future & Your journey. So handle it wisely.

I wish you a very happy life,

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Life in Top Gear

When a car is in its top gear, it runs at its highest speed. It is always not possible to drive at the top gear and we shift gears according to the situation. Situations may not always favor to drive at top speed, but the driver keeps looking for chances to increase the speed, so he could reach faster.

Similarly, in life it is not always possible to be at our best. There could be situations which would keep you from moving fast, but the hope of speeding up, would enhance the chances to be at the top. Problem with most of us is that that when we have chance to increase the speed, during that very moment we are mourning over  the past. As you shift gears of your car the same way you should learn to shift your efforts.

You might be in the situation when your life car is stuck in traffic of burdens & worries but always remember it is not your permanent destination. The time coming would be more favourable. You have to mould your efforts according to your situations.

Don't feel jealous with anyone ahead of you. Don't feel yourself lesser than anyone. The red signals are bound to turn to green and you would certainly get a chance to ride away. Unnecessary shifting would be dangerous, so drive smartly.

You are the driver of your life car. Take 100% responsibility of your life. Drive slow during bumps (usually put by  others), Push brake (to avoid harming others), Focus on your journey (others could take different roads), Drive smartly (learn to take shortcuts), Press horn (beware of the people coming between you & your way of success), other cars at the signal are always attractive (your life is equally good) God is watching you (your car has an airbag).

Happy Journey