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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Secret to Happiness

I remember, once I went to an amusement park with a friend.  I am very scared of sitting in taller rides, specially the ones that rise and fall at the speed of a jet. For a change, if I sit in any taller ride on insistence of friends, then it feels like its the last day of my life. So I prefer mostly sitting in the rides that run flat; speed is okay to me, but zigzags are scary.

On the other hand, my friend with me, was trying his hands on every ride, one after another. He was all excited and shouting in amazement. He loved the excitement of ups and downs and instead of feeling fearful like me, he was actually enjoying every bit of the second. At the end of the day, he was as happy as lark.

Few days later, I got a call from the same friend and he wanted my advice on one problem.  He was speaking very nervously, the tone was quite dull & even he told that he was getting the goosebumps. The problem was related to his office meeting, a next day, for which he was unprepared. It reminded me about his behaviour at amusement park and I compared the both situations.

I wondered how exciting his life would have been, if he learns to handle the situations in life, the way he managed to enjoy the rides at that amusement park. 

Everyday we all set off for our respective works, just as we sit on some bumping ride. This ride zigzag around the tracks of our attitude and we experience all day the rise and fall of situations, opportunities & much more. The seat belt of hope, around our stomach, set our expectations.

Friend's, life is just like some amusement park.  Once you are inside the park, you could either enjoy, watch others enjoying, enjoy the smaller rides, face your fear or you could just stand at some corner. 

You will find no one inside the park, who is completely fearless; therefore do not consider yourself outlined, if you feel fearful.  However some people enjoy the excitement of facing ones fear and these are the lot, who you mostly find succeeding. 

Fear is like that street dog and a person standing before it with freezing feet; both are scared with one another.  Happiness is not just the absence of fear, but also the process of eliminating, avoiding & overcoming fear.

Don't wait for situations to turn in your favor to be happy.   Situations would come & go, people would blame or praise, opportunities would shower or blow away; your happiness is not attached to anything, but yourself and your reaction to it.

Don't find reasons to become happy, rather be the reason!

I wish you loads of happiness,

Saturday, 18 June 2016

For what you are stressed out?

Nothing you owned anytime permanently. What you own today, was owned by somebody else yesterday & will be owned by somebody else tomorrow. 

Tension would kill you. Life is meant to be liked, loved & lived. We all are travellers here.  We are souls on a journey from womb to tomb. We are here to Win & trying to win again & again.  Success is unguaranteed but never give up trying. Losing is guaranteed, if you stop trying.

Our friends, loved ones, office colleagues, social media friends are spiritually closer to us and that's why we know them among billions. Everyone doesn't know your worth but that's okay.  Some people are connected with you to make you understand the difference between loved & unloved; between best & better; between Good & evil.

Our journey started from womb and we all are heading towards tomb, through different paths, having different experiences. 

Each one of us is unique. We behave & react to situations according to our experience. No one is wrong, its just some people are facing the light & some people are looking at other direction.

Stress is not the solution.  During our journey from womb to tomb, we get to enjoy materialist pleasure; but that's temporary and we are not allowed to carry them back to our soul homes. However, we would be carrying feelings with us. So better stop being stressed out & enjoy the journey. 

Back to our soul home, let's carry feelings of love, ecstasy & praise instead of resentment, jealously & guilt.

I wish you a happy life,

Friday, 17 June 2016

My Conversations with God (2)

"How are you my best God?"


"Have humans created any  second best God?"

(smiles) "No, I mean One & only & greatest God."

"Human can do anything, even he or she can create a God. Human is my creation. Who better than me would know their strengths & weaknesses. A human could do anything. Their powers are limitless, just like some root, which transforms itself into a vast tree."

"If we are so powerful then why are we unhappy and how should we tap into our limitless power?"

You don't have to tap into that power. You & power are one.  The power is as much as part of you, as you are part of it.  You all share the structural similarities and equality of power, yet your paths are different and that's why you all are unique. 

You are unhappy not because you don't have something but you are unhappy since others have more than you. Imagine, everyone in the world would have equal amount of money, then would it end unhappiness? Never! unhappiness is cause  of jealously, anger & disappointment. You can't expect a banyan tree to grow mangoes; similarly people set unnecessary expectations with themselves, even with their loved ones and even with people, work with them.  Unhappiness is just an absence of happiness. As food feeds hunger; you can kill your unhappiness, with happiness.

"How could we know that we are on the right path?"

Ask yourself. We have to ask our own self that if our path is right and if the talk is sincere, then the answer is guaranteed. Some people call it as sixth sense or inner voice and it is actually the guidance from soul, which one should follow.

Some people are so afraid to follow the directions of one's own self, that they clip the wings of their own desires, by making an excuse about society, their elders experience, peer pressure or sometimes religion.

"What is the one message for me and to those who would be/ are reading this blog?"

"I am with you. I am the Most. I am above any suffering, fear or pain. I know you more than you. My actions are for your own betterment. I know where you are headed and where you would land up. Just keep going and trust me. I am there with you always. Just don't worry, everything would be alright."

The one who Loves you the most,

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Learn to enjoy Happy Hours in Life too

Most restaurants flashes the glow sign notices as 'Happy Hours'.  You can have drinks or food at cheaper rates as compared to rates during the rest of the day.  Friends, in life if you live to enjoy certain hours of your day, as your happy hour, then your life would make a lot much difference.

Most of us spend the entire day just completing our tasks. The work at home and in office or could be managing business, these are never ending process.  Some of you even think that 'I would be enjoying once I retire,' or 'Once I get the desired income then I will start to enjoy life.'

Friends, life is too short to wait, plan & postpone. What you feel can be done tomorrow, may not be done at all. (Lines from my third upcoming book).

You should keep certain hours in the day just for yourself & learn to enjoy life. May be, you like singing or writing or playing certain sport or going to gym or attending certain hobby class etc. You have to give yourself at least an hour to do what you like to do from the bottom of your heart. Studies tells us, if we do what we are interested in, then our enthusiasm gets multiplied and it helps us in achieving better results. So if you like singing and if you spend at least 20 minutes a day to sing for yourself, so it won't just help you relax, but it would multiply your energy that you can use in your other works. 

20 minutes in a day and that's all you have to give. Don't put it on weekends, just do it daily.  Some of you may say, 'my life is busy,' 'I have work load,' or 'I have little baby to look after.'  Friends, its your life! 1440 minutes of life every day you get from God; is it hard for you to spend just 20 minutes for yourself?

We are not trees to just grow at each second; we are physical bodies, which needs rest & happy hours. We are not flower to just smell good; we are physical bodies, which stinks, requires sleep & enjoyment. We are not sun to just give light; we have to give light to our self first & then to others.

The meaning of Happy hours is different from person to person. May be for someone, spending time with their children could be their happy hours. As long as, you are doing an activity that makes you feel happy, then you are on the right track.  You are the best judge for yourself. You know better if happiness which you feel is real happiness or just its shadow.

Writing puts me into happy hours; I am thankful to Almighty that I am able to spend half of the time in a day to write. I wish you able to do & achieve what you desire to do or become in life.

I wish you life full of happy hours !