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Friday, 26 August 2016

Friendship and Love!

Many times we do not realise that a very thin line is drawn somewhere between a special relationship, which has crossed the border of friendship, but not reached the city of love.

That thin line that is drawn between the love and friendship, is called as 'Confusion'. Often, we are confused with our feelings. 

Most of the relationship starts with the friendship and eventually escalates to becoming the love; but it never floats back from love to friendship, just like water flowing down from a mountain, never returns with the same process.

A hungry and lonely lion's cub when hunts for the first time, it realises its real potential. The same way friendship has to survive many tough times to eventually declare itself a grown-up love. 

Be there with someone you love in all their thick and thins and no matter what, never dethrone the crown of understanding. Too much understanding not possible if it comes to keeping yourself from talking to your love, since its like the relationship of mother and her children, no matter how settled are her children, but she could never part herself from talking to them and letting herself know about their safekeep.

Sadly, many husbands are not real friends and many real friends are not couples. A couple living together, without having the blend of friendship and love in their relationship, are like two wolves of opposite gender, who just mate out of their physical desires and be with each other for the sake of survival.

Out of dozens of friends there would be always someone who is closest, yet far! Out of love, a soil transforms a rooted seed into a tree; so are some friendships that gets transformed into love, out of love.  The thin line of confusion sometimes throws an urge within us, to wipe itself off and let the feelings of friendship (a seed) grow itself into love (a tree).

Don't turn off the inner calling and abort the love that is relentlessly knocking your door and waiting for your answer. Go for it!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Accept them as they are...

Weighing Scale. At one side our experiences and expectations and at the other end everyone else. That's how we manage most of our relationships in life. That's how we come to conclusion and decide what is right or not!

Maturity has no relevance with age. Age is just a number of days past your birth date. A lions cub watching his father hunting is more experienced than a sleeping old aged beer. 

We compare people with the illusionary weighing scale of our mind and accordingly offer our reactions. We have to realise that all snakes are not poisonous and similarly, it is not necessary that every people would get the same results of certain action like we got in the past. It is not necessary that two students studying for eight hours in stretch would get the same marks.

We have to stop being judgmental and try to see things sometimes from other persons point of view. With due respect to some fair experiences I say that it is not necessary that everything we believed is true and our past failure is something unachievable by somebody else.

We have to  accept the fact that everybody's experience is different and that experience craves a respect, like ours. Sometimes judgments thins out the possibility of growth and we end up losing on probable opportunities and relationship. So be open to newer ideas and accept people as they are. Experience is good but use it with skill and not with your skull all the time.

It is good to use our experiences as magnifying glass; but not the one under influence of sunlight. Since the sunlight of doubts may bring hurt to people you are dealing with or it may some put permanent scars on your relationship.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Let Bygones Be Bygones

When a bird is released from the cage, it doesn't stops to share the experience about its struggling life inside the cage. When the sunshine reaches the darkest end of a tunnel, it rejoices and doesn't argue with the passing darkness.  A raindrop ecstatically skydives and enjoy its 'Present' without bothering itself about past or future.

Problem with most of us is, that we have trapped ourselves in the losses of our past. We have to realise that we can't undo the past but we can surely enjoy this very moment and be hopeful about the future.

Your lover betrayed you in the past or the loss of money you have faced or those unsuccessful plans or those unachieved targets and all the other things that are worrying you today are actually a cage where you are trapped. 

"There is no life in today, if you are still emotional about, what you have lost yesterday."

Remember, the people who lose, are like some warrior who fought and lost. However, warrior doesn't worry himself about losses of past and rather he gather courage again and bounce back with greater efforts. You, (who is reading this message) are a warrior and don't bother yourself about past losses.  Get up & fight back since this new day has brought new opportunities!

The lion doesn't succeed in hunting down its preys all the time. A honey gathered by bees, out of love, is enjoyed by someone else. A female wolf doesn't always succeeds in protecting its cubs from hunting beer. 

All that is said & done, the past is gone and grow yourself out of it. Let bygones be bygones!

Draw that business plan again, revise that idea that didn't worked out last time, fall in love again with someone who loves you for what you are and not for what he wants you to become, speak to that customer again & try to renegotiate terms.

Do not accept failure and do not hover around stale relationship. Undo the paining knots of your past that covers around your heart and face new day with new viewpoint.

If the past was not right that doesn't mean your entire life would be wrong. Much more life is waiting for you.  Just open your heart and draw your hands towards the sunshine.

Happy Sunday

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

In Relationship Flow like a River

"Captivity is not love. Freedom indeed is!"

Love is something that can't be completely defined ever, due to its infinite nature & presence. A love with restrictions, is like bird with its wings clipped. The light of love is like the light of sun, it can't be captivated.

Caring & captivity are two different things. If you don't allow your loved one to step out late night, its caring. But if you don't allow your loved one, to study further or follow her dream, then its captivity.

A flowing river would only become a foul  gathering of water, if stopped with force, since flow is its life. Everything has to be moving or else life would stop completely. The earth, the sun, wind, air and many other natural processes are moving and which is out of their act of love.

Everything around us is love. Love is supreme, love is something that no one could escape from.  You can avoid love, but it would never avoid you. Respect it and flow with it. Like some river, let your relationship nurture & grow.

You can't capture freedom of someone and indeed if you truly love somebody then you ought to let them free. Let your loved one live the way she wants. Barricade of care is must, but do not replace barricade of care with prison of heart.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Take the Ownership of your Emotions

"Ownership" we proclaim ownership on our house, our family, our job, our vehicles, our wealth and everything that has our name on it. Sadly, when it comes to our emotions, we behave like tenants, despite being the owners of it.

We give advantage to unimportant people, to make us feel depressed.  They pass some false or unnecessary comments, that we take it on our skin and harm our self. 

You are the owner of your own life. Its not there life, its Your life. You have to take charge of your emotions and not to let anyone hurt you with no reason. 

It could be your boss or that nagging relative. It could be some gossiping colleague or that stranger co- traveller. It could be some egoist neighbor or that over demanding customer. If they could hurt you, which means you give away your power to them. It is not always required to fall into argument or be on defensive mode, if you know that the person at other side is not so important. The winning arguments in such cases are indeed a loss, if you calculate it with amount of energy you have put in.

Some people would always try to provoke you and you being the owner of your life, have to decide if you need to waste your costly energy on them. 

If you are upset then its you who are responsible and not anyone else. Take charge of your emotions and handle it with utmost care. You are the boss of your emotions & if it is not performing well so as a leader you have show it the right direction. It's performance is related to the overall performance of your life.

So if next time you are upset then remember, its you who is responsible. You are the owner!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Level of Consciousness, is your level of Progress

I have realised that everyone and everything is at different levels of consciousness.  When we were born, our level of consciousness was unknowingly,
far higher. We used to do what we like, without any fear of outcome. This is the greatest state of being. We did everything we wanted as a child, because we didn't knew about anything and to be specific, no knowledge about fear itself.

As we grew older, we developed our level of consciousness towards each and every aspect of life. As for some, money is easy to earn, as per his thought process, which is result of his level of consciousness.  For some, family is wealth, which as per his level of consciousness. There are different factors which determines our level of consciousness and most important are, our upbringing and our type of friends. This is the reason why if someone comes from conservative family, then for him, a love marriage is taboo. 

The simple verbatim for a level of consciousness is, 'Law of Attraction', a popular foundation of almost every motivational book. Therefore, if you can feel like Ambani's, then for you, the only costliest thing exist under the sun, would be Health. Or if you can feel like, His Holiness Dalai Lama, then you can experience the peace, deeper than the depth of ocean. Here, if I say 'Feel' like them, then I simply mean to acquire the level of consciousness they have for any particular object.

Therefore, under law of attraction, you are guided to keep your desires right in front of you; so you can gradually enhance your level of consciousness about it. This is the simplest and most popular process of developing consciousness about something.

So what you do, and what you do not posses in life, is nothing but, your level of consciousness about it. If the height of your consciousness, is leveled at earning of 10 dollars per month, so the same would be your reality. You may desire to earn more, but you won't get it, unless the level of consciousness is uplifted to the level of expectations. 

All you need is acceptance of the fact that nothing is unachievable and what is keeping you from something, is your own level of consciousness about it.

Consciousness gives birth to intention (positive or negative). Intension gives birth to interest (positive or negative). Interest gives birth to action (positive or negative). Action gives birth to results (positive or negative). Therefore, if you have someone or something negative in your life, so it is the indirect result of your level of consciousness about it.  So choose your level of consciousness accordingly.

I wish for each one of you a happy life!