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Friday, 30 September 2016

Read this to the very end and half of your problems will fade away

Actual problem with most of us is that that we term most of our 'temporary setback' as problems.  A problem is actually something about which you can't do anything at all. For example - my health would be on a toss if I avoid urinating or I can't fly like a bird.  Something which is impossible to do is a 'Problem' and not something which is temporary in nature. The biggest problem is that we term temporary 'set back' as problem.

Notwithstanding to the dictionary meaning of terms problem & setback, you can make a mental attitude that if something can be curable so its not the problem; and more you term difficulties as temporary setback more it would help you to seek solutions to it.


If you have financial issues, the same can be addressed by additional part time income; if you have relationship issues, the same can be cured with rich discussion; if you have problem with your work, the same can be cured with change of work.  These are temporary setbacks, but the moment you term them as 'Problem,' then you completely cease the power of solvable frequencies hovering around you.

You unchain the chains of limitations once you look at difficulties as temporary setback, just like some pothole on a road which is fixable irrespective of its intensity.

Sit back and replace the term 'Problems' with 'Temporary Setbacks' from your mind and you will realise that half of it would actually fade away.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Check who is laying eggs in your nest!

A cowbird doesn't weave nest of her own, and lays her eggs on others nest. If the owner (bird) of the nest suspects it, then she throws the eggs of cowbird outside nest or if it goes unsuspected, then she takes care of the eggs like her own.

Some people you come across in life, quite often, who would try to throw their worry/ anger on you, despite they are complete strangers to you.  For example, that annoying sales person at super market or that frustrated driver at parking lot etc.

Choose not to raise the anger of others inside you. You have a lot of yourself to look after.  Do not take over the garbage of anger or worry of others.

It is good to motivate someone and showing them the right path, but don't allow them to lay their eggs of worry & anger in your nest.

Be the first one to apologize, Relationship matters!

He thought it was her mistake and she thought it was his!  So they did not speak and waited for each other to take a first step to end the dispute. 

Days went by, they missed each other but their egos kept them from taking the first step.  He thought she has an attitude, she thought he is very selfish and eventually their minds gave them more reasons to be away from each other.

Both kept checking their phones at intervals and waited for each others message like some hot grassland desperately waiting for rainfall.  They have spoken one thing about each other with friends, but within they felt something else.

As more days past, they tried their best to avoid encountering each other. If at all they met, they exchanged formal greetings, but within they were craving for hug from one another.

Not so long, they become strangers... Ego won, love failed.

(Don't allow your ego to win over your relationship. Be the first to apologize, no matter who have mistaken. Let love win and you can win the world.)

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Revenge is not the Solution

I was talking with a friend who was telling me that she would be happier to see her ex husband in trouble.  Excerpts of my suggestions if in case, you do have a fire of revenge burning within.

A rapist rapes his own conscience first. A
terrorist firstly blasts, his own understanding about God. A thief firstly steals his own power of hard work. A murderer kills his own peace first. These all are acts of revenge and cowardice.

I am not comparing anyone with anyone, but my intention here is to make you come out of even from the smallest feeling of revenge which is killing a part of you each  second.

A revengeful action is just an aftermath of what we lost first within.  It firstly harms the person having it, & then to his circle & then probably to the person for whom the feeling took birth.

Revenge has no deadline and until and unless our ego is satisfied we keep harming the person who apparently harmed us first. This is the reason you like to hear bad things about a person who you dislike.

Revenge is one of the dangerous innovative feeling that we can develop. Problem is that we have proper justification to our actions and we don't feel wrong about taking revenge and harming someone.

As I said it has killed something within you first and therefore this is an unworthy business. Nothing is costlier than your peace of mind. Healthy competition would lead you to better life or respectful death; but a revenge would provoke you to produce more anger and not so long, so you would become an anger machine which is fearful, but disrespectful.

We are not here to waste our times on ungainly actions of revenge. We are here to enjoy our lives, spread love & keep our families happy.

Move on from people who disrespected you, didn't understood your love, let you down or hurt you. Start this moment with fresh mind and let the fire of revenge within should doze off with sprinklers of forgiveness.

Peace be upon you!