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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Law of the Opposite

One of the most important law which rules our life along with the law of attraction.   When we apply the law of attraction and try to attract our wishes, it is when the law of opposite comes into the picture.  It is the law of opposite which motivates you to give up on your desires, and you feel that law of attraction is not working for you in some cases.

There would be no desire of yours, which could go unfulfilled, provided you maintain peace during the period when the law of opposites is ruling your life.

When you 'Desire', you inspire the universe to give you two things- one which you want, and the other which is exactly opposite of that which you want!  It may sound strange, but its true and a very interesting concept.   

Supposing you desire to earn 'x' number of rupees in 3 months.   When you desire, then you create a contextual field in the universe which at first gives you everything lesser than 'x' rupees, so when you have 'x' number of rupees on your target date, you could experience the joy of having it.   That's why when you desire something and you find that initially everything you attract is total opposite and indeed that's the proof you should take that law of attraction is working in your favour.

You can't experience hotness, without coldness or happiness without sadness and that's the law of opposite.  This is an universal law which rules the climatic changes, negative & positive emotions, ups and downs of your life and every aspect of universal experience.  

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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Law of Attraction

In the law of attraction, you are the 'law' itself; 'of' is bridge; and 'attraction' is the thing you wishing to attract. 

The entire universe is nothing but 'Energy'.  Everything, including we all, is energy.  So when you desire anything, and if it is backed by belief then you attract that thing in your life.

Belief is very much important otherwise any thought of your mind would manifest.  Belief therefore works as a useful filter and you only manifest things, those are backed by your own belief.  The current situations of your life are nothing but things/situations you have attracted through law of attraction.  Any point of time you can desire to change your situation by concentrating on things you desire in your life. 

Continuous thoughts would lead you to belief and which eventually would help you manifest your desire.

law OF attraction where OF is bridge of opportunities and possibilities which you will see if you believe in yourself that what you desire to manifest in your life is achievable.

Wishing you all luck & happiness.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Random Thought some gravitational force, his soul was pulling him to discover some higher purpose in life. 

He gave up his comforting lifestyle and started to walk.  He walked and walked continuously for days & nights.

One day he reached at a countryside beach and sat over the hot sand and expected the water to settle down, so he could walk across the sea.
His wait had patience more than a continuously moving wave.  It past years, but the sea did not settled, as per his expectations. 

His body thinned out and he spent most of his lifetime just by drinking seawater, hearing the sound of waves, waiting for sea to settle down and thinking about his higher purpose. 

He died one evening while having eye contact with the sea.  Water escorted his body to its depth, like it took his body into its arms. 

After few moons past, He was re- born in the house of a monk, which was situated near the sea, and his spiritual journey started!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

A Must Read Reminder for All

Just in case you forgot your greatness due to current situations in life.  I would like to remind you that problems are not new to you.   You have faced it several times earlier with rigour and courage.   Problem may have just changed its form and you may be feeling like giving up or just ruining your present with problematic thoughts.   But remember the last time you had a problem, could be some loss or pain, and how today you are stranger to that situation.      Just like that, today's situation has come to go.   Just stand tall before it and keep pushing it, as you should remember, you are a great piece of wonder and there's nothing you could not resolve or face.   Moments are temporary, your greatness and power is permanent.