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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Law of Attraction

In the law of attraction, you are the 'law' itself; 'of' is bridge; and 'attraction' is the thing you wishing to attract. 

The entire universe is nothing but 'Energy'.  Everything, including we all, is energy.  So when you desire anything, and if it is backed by belief then you attract that thing in your life.

Belief is very much important otherwise any thought of your mind would manifest.  Belief therefore works as a useful filter and you only manifest things, those are backed by your own belief.  The current situations of your life are nothing but things/situations you have attracted through law of attraction.  Any point of time you can desire to change your situation by concentrating on things you desire in your life. 

Continuous thoughts would lead you to belief and which eventually would help you manifest your desire.

law OF attraction where OF is bridge of opportunities and possibilities which you will see if you believe in yourself that what you desire to manifest in your life is achievable.

Wishing you all luck & happiness.

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