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Saturday, 31 December 2016

F**K! I am Special Child, I realised on the last day of 2016 (an eye opener for everyone)

Thanks to my friend Shridutt, who have chosen to celebrate his birthday at the House of Charity (an orphanage for Special Children) located at Andheri, Mumbai and I was one of the fortunate ones on invitees list.

I met these beautiful children at orphanage and I have realised that I am a special child, and they are indeed normal children.

It traversed me back to history, when perhaps few children with abnormal behavior were born, and since they were smaller in numbers, some intellects have chosen to term them as 'Special child,' as they were not falling, in their definition of normalcy.

Why we call them Special Child I probably have understood.    Since, they fully express themselves; or Since they don't judge or differentiate people with their caste, bank balance or age; or Since they express their desires without judgements; or Since they sing, dance & laugh without any feeling of guilt or embarrassment; or Since they are not competing with one another; or Since they are not afraid of death or conscious about their eating habits; & most of all could be Since they are unaware about the meaning of jealously, anger, rich, poor, caste, terrorism, politics, religion and luxury.

It makes me further think that that what I have achieved after being born as so called- Normal child?  Since,
I am jealous, I have fears, I want money, I am envious, I am materialistic & I don't live each moment to the fullest!

If special is a term that is attached to someone unusual, then I am a special child.  Everyone like me is a special child, and those beautiful flowers breathing at that orphanage are actually 'Normal' in real terms.

Myth:   The children with
Unusual behaviors can be termed as Special children to avoid offence.

Irony:  We all are special children and they are normal, since biggest meaning of being normal is Being what you are!   Choosing your choices, over opinions of others.  As they outnumbered them, so they termed them as special child, instead of the other way round.

May the year 2017, be the year for all of us, where we could express ourselves to the best, without worrying about the results or the opinions of others.

Happy New Year!

Friday, 30 December 2016

Reminder About Your True Worth

'Realisation' in spiritual term, is far more absolute, than it is used in absolute term itself.  It is the state when somebody feels a sort of disconnection with his routine and understand the value of his passion.  It is the state, when she experiences the development of some unique craziness within, which motivates her to break the barricades of impossibilities.

A true realisation induces a sense of divinity in a person, and he or she feels the existence of some supreme power that guides them away from danger, like some lighthouse.  He or she  understands that they are more than a stack of food.  They realises that they are  'Energy,' and one with everyone and everything around.

Friends, we have come here to play this game of life, in which we all are already experts at soul level.  We have chosen to forget our expertise as we have entered into this physical state, so we can enjoy this life afresh.  Just like being  virgin again, in order to enjoy the first time experience of love making.

Nothing is wrong, bad or unhappy and no event is  happenstance, but all events are outcome of our conscious choices. This message I hope would work as a reminder in your life, and you realise your true worth.  You are a great soul, inside a physical body!

You are Great, Powerful, Unique & Champion.  Do not value yourself, with the amount of money in your bank account, or from what everyone thinks about you. Take my words as a reminder from God you believe in!  You can do anything! Just go for it mate...

Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Narrow World

This world at times appears to be so narrow that your stretched wing sometimes touches to other bird's wing & you both end up falling in friendship.  You spend some time & realise how this like-minded bird had her nest just a block away & still you never met her earlier.

The people around you could be different in opinions, but that should not keep you from expressing who you are, & choosing on your likes & dislikes.  Since, some like-minded person could be a handful distance away & they may encounter when you stretch your wings, to the extent of your choice & personality.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Being Happy & Peaceful

These days living a peaceful life, and having harmony with friends and family, is difficult than earning money.  

The price of a rose is comparatively higher on valentines day, but for a rose, its each living day is equal and blossoming. 

Most people have beheaded the importance of basic sources of happiness from their lives, and have replaced it with luxury. 

Our relationship with money, is like relationship between fisherman and his occupation of fishing.  A fisherman could survive without fishing, by using some alternate earning methods.  But we wrongly take our relationship with money, like a relationship of fish and water, which was never the case.

Money is very important and you should earn it, to the maximum you could, but not at the cost of your peace and happiness. 

Do not behave like a dead fish, that is put back into a holy water, rather never mind to swim in a mud, but be HAPPY.

Friday, 16 December 2016


It so happens with many of us that sometimes our ego blocks our way to reach out to seek help or to express our fear or to express our weaknesses. 

Sometimes our life divide itself into two equal parts.  On one side it is ego and false perception, where we believe that we are perfect and could sort any issue by our own. On this side our pride doesn't allow us to express our fear and weakness openly and over the period of time a rigidity to do not accept the reality becomes part of our lives. 

The other side of the life appears to be fearful...

.... but if you look closely it is indeed flowery.  This side inspire you to be open to any change that life perhaps brings to you and also gather courage to accept our weaknesses, laugh at it and try our best to overcome it.

The best side of life is always on the other side of ego. If you be at this side, you fight fiercely like some warrior.. yet you don't get disheartened if at all you lose.  The losing is satisfactory if you fight with all your heart and soul. 

Climb on the other side of the ego and explore a new life which is rather tougher but more satisfactory to your soul.

Power of Thought

The life isn't fair to those who think it isn't fair to them.  It is stupid to expect the worst and pray about the best. 'Thought' is one wealth which everyone posses in abundance.  All the pains & pleasure in our lives, all the peace and rage of our lives is nothing but our own creation through our thought. We all consciously & unconsciously tap into power of thought but whether we come out with stones or jewels is exclusively our choice.