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Friday, 30 December 2016

Reminder About Your True Worth

'Realisation' in spiritual term, is far more absolute, than it is used in absolute term itself.  It is the state when somebody feels a sort of disconnection with his routine and understand the value of his passion.  It is the state, when she experiences the development of some unique craziness within, which motivates her to break the barricades of impossibilities.

A true realisation induces a sense of divinity in a person, and he or she feels the existence of some supreme power that guides them away from danger, like some lighthouse.  He or she  understands that they are more than a stack of food.  They realises that they are  'Energy,' and one with everyone and everything around.

Friends, we have come here to play this game of life, in which we all are already experts at soul level.  We have chosen to forget our expertise as we have entered into this physical state, so we can enjoy this life afresh.  Just like being  virgin again, in order to enjoy the first time experience of love making.

Nothing is wrong, bad or unhappy and no event is  happenstance, but all events are outcome of our conscious choices. This message I hope would work as a reminder in your life, and you realise your true worth.  You are a great soul, inside a physical body!

You are Great, Powerful, Unique & Champion.  Do not value yourself, with the amount of money in your bank account, or from what everyone thinks about you. Take my words as a reminder from God you believe in!  You can do anything! Just go for it mate...

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