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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Being Happy & Peaceful

These days living a peaceful life, and having harmony with friends and family, is difficult than earning money.  

The price of a rose is comparatively higher on valentines day, but for a rose, its each living day is equal and blossoming. 

Most people have beheaded the importance of basic sources of happiness from their lives, and have replaced it with luxury. 

Our relationship with money, is like relationship between fisherman and his occupation of fishing.  A fisherman could survive without fishing, by using some alternate earning methods.  But we wrongly take our relationship with money, like a relationship of fish and water, which was never the case.

Money is very important and you should earn it, to the maximum you could, but not at the cost of your peace and happiness. 

Do not behave like a dead fish, that is put back into a holy water, rather never mind to swim in a mud, but be HAPPY.

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