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Saturday, 31 December 2016

F**K! I am Special Child, I realised on the last day of 2016 (an eye opener for everyone)

Thanks to my friend Shridutt, who have chosen to celebrate his birthday at the House of Charity (an orphanage for Special Children) located at Andheri, Mumbai and I was one of the fortunate ones on invitees list.

I met these beautiful children at orphanage and I have realised that I am a special child, and they are indeed normal children.

It traversed me back to history, when perhaps few children with abnormal behavior were born, and since they were smaller in numbers, some intellects have chosen to term them as 'Special child,' as they were not falling, in their definition of normalcy.

Why we call them Special Child I probably have understood.    Since, they fully express themselves; or Since they don't judge or differentiate people with their caste, bank balance or age; or Since they express their desires without judgements; or Since they sing, dance & laugh without any feeling of guilt or embarrassment; or Since they are not competing with one another; or Since they are not afraid of death or conscious about their eating habits; & most of all could be Since they are unaware about the meaning of jealously, anger, rich, poor, caste, terrorism, politics, religion and luxury.

It makes me further think that that what I have achieved after being born as so called- Normal child?  Since,
I am jealous, I have fears, I want money, I am envious, I am materialistic & I don't live each moment to the fullest!

If special is a term that is attached to someone unusual, then I am a special child.  Everyone like me is a special child, and those beautiful flowers breathing at that orphanage are actually 'Normal' in real terms.

Myth:   The children with
Unusual behaviors can be termed as Special children to avoid offence.

Irony:  We all are special children and they are normal, since biggest meaning of being normal is Being what you are!   Choosing your choices, over opinions of others.  As they outnumbered them, so they termed them as special child, instead of the other way round.

May the year 2017, be the year for all of us, where we could express ourselves to the best, without worrying about the results or the opinions of others.

Happy New Year!

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