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Friday, 16 December 2016


It so happens with many of us that sometimes our ego blocks our way to reach out to seek help or to express our fear or to express our weaknesses. 

Sometimes our life divide itself into two equal parts.  On one side it is ego and false perception, where we believe that we are perfect and could sort any issue by our own. On this side our pride doesn't allow us to express our fear and weakness openly and over the period of time a rigidity to do not accept the reality becomes part of our lives. 

The other side of the life appears to be fearful...

.... but if you look closely it is indeed flowery.  This side inspire you to be open to any change that life perhaps brings to you and also gather courage to accept our weaknesses, laugh at it and try our best to overcome it.

The best side of life is always on the other side of ego. If you be at this side, you fight fiercely like some warrior.. yet you don't get disheartened if at all you lose.  The losing is satisfactory if you fight with all your heart and soul. 

Climb on the other side of the ego and explore a new life which is rather tougher but more satisfactory to your soul.

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