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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Why are we unhappy?

A simple, yet profound question to ask anybody. I question this to at least one person I meet daily and it is no surprise that everyone has the same answer, however the way of expression differs from person to person. Sadnesses' (I have realised) are different arrows placed in one quiver. All of us has one unique, unavoidable, painful, 'something' in life which is the base of our unhappinesses. It could be marriage for somebody, or could be physical disability for some or could be past failures for some of us. (The  first thing that came into your mind, as you are reading this, is pain area of your life and all other problems in your life are just branches to it).

I have realised that happiness is nothing but simply a choice. You could choose to be happy at any given moment. A simple smile during hard times may not completely dose off the fire of pain, but it would definitely rise your confidence.

Either you can daily sob over something unavoidable or either you could held your head up high and face your problems with a smile.

The problems and opportunities in life are as routine as heart pumping within. Both seeks attention to grow. The choice is yours.

I wish you a Happy Life.

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