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Friday, 28 August 2015

Bright somebody's day

We all are fishes of pond of our minds. Certainly an illusive pond. A pond, whose boundaries are limited by our own mindset. We are limited to our belief's, family, circle, mindset etc. However spiritually we are not the segregated ponds, but the part of one common ocean. Some of you may not agree but we all are interconnected to each other.
As Lord Krishna dictated that the a journey of physical body is limited, but the journey of soul is endless.

Our pond would vanish one day, in fraction of seconds, as we die and we would enter into a different world. The world of stars and moons. The world of bright day and spectacular whether. The world of eternal happiness and satisfaction.

The family, luxury and  responsibilities are part of everyone's life but a living being brightening somebody's day is a true human being.

Happiness is some virus that multiplies with sharing. As a candle lights another candle, you can light somebody's dim heart with your light of happiness.
Making someone smile, evades a part of sadness within you. Time, Attention, Happiness are bigger gifts than money. Helping somebody winning is a form of winning too. Selflessly make somebody smile in a day and you would feel your own life transforming into better.

I wish you a happy life,
I also take this opportunity to thank each one of you for your feedback. Please keep sharing. I love it.
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