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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Especially for married couples

See if the sequence is right:

'He saw her, she saw him,
Then they saw each other many more times later,
They became friends gradually,
They became good friends,
They started enjoying each others company
They became best friends,
They missed being together,
They started meeting in secret,
They exchanged late night message's, Facebook likes& comment's.

He proposed her one day, after many failed attempts,
She accepted the proposal,
And they indulge into relationship,
They draw closer physically,
He became possessive for her,
She became insecure,
They started fighting on unnecessary subjects,
They drew more emotionally and physically closer,

They got married one day,
They are happy and felt at the top of the world,
He was lesser jealous but more expectant,
She was lesser insecure but more demanding,

They became parents,
Love is divided between she and kid and he and kid.
The unnecessary fights advanced,
Love started to fade between them,
Life of other couples appeared exciting to them,
Physical closeness became just making up and not to make love.
Sacrifices becomes their habit and part of life...


...they both died one day.

(Death is final destination. So ensure you take care of people today, for whom you'd sacrificed and fought in the past.
Bitter irony is, that we keep gold ornaments and even wine more dearly, irrespective of timelines, than our relationship)

He realized,
She sobbed,
He hugged her,
She gave him a bigger kiss.

Go & hug your partner,
Do not let the past mistakes, misunderstandings, ego to ruin your relationship.

Build yourself a strong relationship. Share this message with someone you care.

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