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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Life Backstage

Each one of us are like some ocean, different at the surface and different at the depth. The contents in
depth are important than what is observant at the surface. The life in the depth or backstage, where artist prepares for the performance, are the real us.

That successful movie plays on screen, is the result of combined efforts of various people backstage. Someone may appears to you, as happy as lark, but possibly at backstage he is not so happy. Each one of us have our own unique struggles to bear, life hits harder to everyone  backstage.

If you learn to keep yourself calm at the backstage so most likely you are going to give your best performance. If the depth is fine, so would be the surface.

No one ever prays for the struggle or hard times in life, but still we get it. Might be your prayer some time remain unanswered but the struggles would come to you without wishing. We get in life what we deserve. The backstage struggles are in order to make you more deserving.

If some athlete is winning the race, then we all know that it is the result of hard struggles by him or her backstage.

Some preparations you pro-actively do for better performance on stage, some struggles you unexpectedly get backstage as your God foresees better than you, in terms of what experience you may require.

The hardships at backstage are to prepare us for the unexpected battles ahead and never meant to punish.

As the curtains are pulled and you are supposed to give your shot, your confidence would be per say your struggles at backstage. More the struggles, better the performance. Just like during academics the students gets ranking, basis their performance and to be precise basis their preparations backstage.

The struggles are like some water, you may pollute it with your resistance, bad thoughts or negativity or you may purify it and put it to your use with positive mindset and attitude.

Next time if you see someone angry at public place or doing unnecessary argument with you or overreacting, then that simply means that his or her life at backstage is under revision.

I wish you a happy life,
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