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Thursday, 3 September 2015

The benefits of Pain

When I was in college my attention mostly drew upon people who were richer than me. Their bikes, houses, money always attracted me. I always thought and used to ask God that why I don't hail from such family background?

Today however, my attention draw upon people lesser fortunate than me.  Nothing like I am pointing upon wealth, but I am pointing over my experience and to be specific the pains I have endured.

I realised that pains are very essential part of life, without which our growth is stagnant. A seed is required to dug deep into the soil for its journey towards becoming a tree. A stone has to go through harsh crushing to become a diamond. A wood has to endure the hits of sharp axe to change itself into useful forms.

Under painful situations:

Our personality is developed;
Our endurance power is enhanced;
We learn to face challenges;
We value things and people;
We draw closer to God;
We attain maturity;
We get to know our real friend's;
We learn to enjoy life in the midst of difficulties.
All of us are not the same person today, like we were few years earlier. The events of pain matured us.

That loss in business...that unfortunate death of a loved one...that lay off from work... that wrong outcome of planning...that heartbreak... that betrayal...that denial of help by somebody close...those days without money...that period of aloofness...that divorce... those sleepless nights and even that accident... All these situations have played a vital role in developing our character.

The pain breaks the stagnation. Every painful situation comes to push you to some new level.

The pain seeks energy to grow. And those energies it draws from your thought's, worries & disappointments.

During every painful situations, you have an option to either allow it to steal your joy Or you can choose to ignore it Or you can face your pain merrily. These are the three paths to your destination. Your travel time to achieve your dreams, would depend upon the path you choose.

I wish you a happy life