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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Believe in Miracles

Hey everybody, hope life is treating you well or to be precise, hope you are taking treatment of life positively. I wanted to share today about miracles of life.

It happens and surely would
have happened with all of us at least once when our luck favoured us uniquely.

Something that we believed difficult to achieve had had manifested magically. As I say this I am sure most of you would recall that incident that magically turned into your favor. That moment we commonly term as good luck.

We could not see several radiations around us with our bare eyes, but we all know that it exist. As common as mobile signals, DTH signals, radio frequencies etc.

The frequency of magic too hover around somewhere in the air and randomly favor the believers around. It is most common research that those who are confident, disciplined and hardworking are likely to live life of their dreams.

Few things in life appear gloomy, impossible to turn off, difficult to face; during that moment a simple hope of seeking the magic could do miracles. You have to believe that situation is temporary, nothing is bigger than your God, your will power can fall any mountain of problems.

Few years earlier if anyone would ask me about my future plans, I used to go numb.  Even when I was in college, I wanted to drop out. No plans at all. I was like some sheep wandering aimlessly. Today, with grace of God, I wear more than one hat. This doesn't happen overnight, the magic took its own time to manifest and perhaps the magic worked better when I believed it.

Friends, do not lose hope when situations are not well. Do not feel inferior under the influence of jealously. The magic in the air is like some season and it falls upon everybody equally. Those who believe are more likely to receive the good luck than the unbelievers.

Rise up, gather your courage, stir up that dead dream within and believe.

I wish you a happy life,

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