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Monday, 14 September 2015

The right intention

I was watching over to a big garden. It is so peaceful some time to just watch the serenity and feel the presence of God everywhere. My thoughts wander upon the beautiful flowers of different kinds that emerged from the common soil. We all are like those flowers; unique, beautiful, serene and having a common creator.

The soil doesn't restrict us on the type of seed we sow; therefore whatever we sow, so shall we reap. Whatever you intent, will come back to you.

While walking across the barren land, you cannot judge what is sown inside it, until some plant is emerged from it. The kind of intentions within anyone are better known only to two - One is God and the other to that person himself.

You cannot know anyone's intention until the plant of reaction is emerged. Many times it happen to us that we trust somebody, but later we found that he didn't had the right intention as we believed. You have no control on other's intention, but you have full control upon your own intention.

God knows your intention, you are divinely guided if you hold onto right intention irrespective of what people think about you. You may be misunderstood initially but when the seed is emerged, as a result of your intention, everybody would see.

The right intention may not give fruits initially, but in longterm those who have good intention would be comparatively at better place. Your God knows your intention, you cannot hide anything from Him.

You may be not liking some people but you can still keep yourself thinking bad about them. You can either think good about people around you or you can think nothing about them, instead of dwelling upon bad.

Be right and the right things would happen to you. Your intention are like some bullets; you can either harm somebody with them or protect somebody.

Let people do what they want, think what they want and you can still live keeping the right intention.

I wish everybody a great life.

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