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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The (practical) meaning of happiness

Most of my manhours daily are spent on train travelling daily, I go to office and return and spend close to three hours daily on train travelling. Sounds tiring but I enjoy it as I during this period I get time to write, read, listen music & mostly get an opportunity to observe different people.  These local trains are blood vessels of Mumbai, it traverse citizens across the different ends of it.

One thing is common among all passengers which I observe daily. The person standing on the edge of the doors and struggling to get inside, wishes for a comfortable standing ground.  The person standing inside, wishes to get seated. The person sitting, wishes to sit on seat closest to window, the person sitting closest to window, wishes that he could travel by his personal vehicle more comfortably.

There could be different wishes but I am just anticipating a few and idea is to express that each one of us are always wishing to occupy the position of someone ahead of us or rather more comfortable than us.

It is good to dream ahead, make plans for success or wishing to excel. However we attach our happiness to our dreams.

If I buy this house, then I would be happy or if I get married then I would be happy or if I pay my loans off then I would be happy. Friend's, you would always be dreaming or wishing about happiness if you attach reasons to it.  The desires are never ending. You can't plan to be happy.

The true happiness is right now. When you are reading this message or may be when you are travelling or when you are in office, home  or when you are in the middle of some important work. Its right now, wherever you.

If you have hundred reasons to not feel happy, think about that one reason to be happy. If you reverse your life, then you will realise that you are already living with hundreds of your dreams. You have achieved many things which could be reason today to cherish.

The laws of universe are designed in such a way that it is practically impossible that someone has no single reason to be happy.

Write down your reason of happiness and I am sure this list would overpass your list of not being happy.

Be happy, as it is primary source of every successful relationship's, enterprises and accomplishments.

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Ekta Purswani said...

I would say reconsider your thoughts after reading this article...

If we go deeper into ourselves, we start realizing the way we create thoughts.. And then one beings to understand how thoughts create feelings. Undoubtedly, 99% of the circumstances outside are not in our control and won't be according to our expectations or assumptions in which we tend to stay. Each moment of life is unpredictable. And that's life. But one thing that can be completely under our control is our mind. And its huge power. But my experiences about this are skin deep, so I would only talk about them after enough experience. But do listen to Sandeep Maheshwari if possible.... (sorry, if you mind anything.... all of this may or may not be taken seriously) ... Thank you