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Monday, 7 September 2015

Pain(full) of lessons

When the sugarcane stick is pushed through the machine, it cracks and divides the juice and the pulp. We all are similar to those sugarcane sticks and we are pushed through the hard times to divide us from bad thoughts (pulp) and to develop our personality (juice).

Not even a millisecond of hard time is deprived of some form of lesson. Each one of us are pushed through the hard time in a unique way. Everybody has their own challenges and a different racetrack to run upon. Most of us get up early in the morning and struggle all day at work and even struggle after returning home. May be who are professionals or those who run their own businesses, does not have to wake up early morning, but they have their own pie of challenges.

Nobody is deprived of slogging. Somebody might be slogging for money, somebody for peace, somebody for love and somebody for somebody else.

Ironically this is life, hard times are part of it. You can stay happy in the midst of any hard time. If you are pushed through some struggle its upon you whether to dwell upon the juice or upon the pulp.

You would find few people always nagging about what went wrong in life, always complaining about their circumstances or job. These are the kind of people who dwell upon the pulp and keep themselves from the lessons of hard times. You might get a lesson but you need an attention to grasp it. Whatever you dwell upon would pulled towards you.

Some of you might be going through rough phase of life but remember that you always be inconvenienced before a breakthrough.

The problems would grow with your endurance level. A problem that appeared big few years earlier might look smaller today. Its not problem which reduced its size; rather your endurance level has enhanced.

Stand by against any circumstance, hold your ground, do not fear, have faith. Tough time is like season it has come to pass. Dwell upon the juice and not upon the pulp.

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