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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Nevertheless... I'm Positive

Accustomed is the right word. Our life is mostly influenced by things we got accustomed too. 'Live with it' is the commonly used tag line.

Most of us dislike our bosses, but we live with it; Most of us dislike our work, but we live with it; Most of us dislike some habit of our partner, but we live with it... We live with that pain, shortcoming, behaviour etc.

We all had uniquely tuned ourselves to live with some disturbing situation. Your life could be much easier, if you apply the word Nevertheless while describing the difficult situations of life.

"I've a difficult boss, nevertheless I am positive." or "I'm going through financial crisis, nevertheless I am positive." or "My business is low or I lost my job or that close friend betrayed me, nevertheless I'm positive."

Friends, happiness is not stagnant, it never stops at one point in life. Rather happiness is collection of moments and always keep moving like some river.

You may be accustomed to some disturbing situations or person but nevertheless you can be still positive.

Remember how as a child, we used to collect and store marbles in crystal jar. If you train yourself using the sentence, ...nevertheless I'm positive, after every situation or person you dislike, then it would act like that situation of collecting marbles and one day you will wake up to observe ... (Whatever shit in life) ... Nevertheless you are happy !!

I wish you a happy life

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