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Monday, 28 September 2015

The process of problem solving

It is when you drive through some steep roads, the engines of your vehicles are more pressurised.  An effort is required more, when you drive through the steep roads, or when you are lifting heavier weights to work out, or if you are pushing the cart through the potholes.

Similarly when you are in the middle of any problem, you are expected to double your efforts. By doubling your efforts, you may be, not able  to solve the problems successfully, but you will surely learn through them successfully.

One big problem with many of us is that, during the problematic situations, we become effort(less)and fall upon sorrow,  instead of being more effort(full) and fall upon new sunshine tomorrow.

A prayer without efforts, during problems, are just as  some bricks, they are useful but you have to put efforts to shape them into some good house.

When you have problems;  stretch your limitations, do not lean upon negativities, gather up your strength and double your efforts.

Cure your problems with effort and not with comfort.

I wish you a happy life,

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