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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Gossiping is injurious to dreams

We all are segregated with star signs, however one thing is common among almost all of us, is that we are concerned more about lives of others. 

We all are imperfect beings but still most of us are engaged in finding faults in others, gossiping about others, and even backbiting sometime.
It is not wrong to engage in gossips but you have to realize that people gossiping with you, would probably be gossiping about you. The idea is to engage oneself with more productive activities instead of wasting energy on unwanted talks. 

You cannot stop anyone talking against you, but surely you can stop yourself talking about anyone and instead getting engaged with doing something productive. 

The people with small mindsets have smaller views so don't bother. Having said that, you don't know why someone is behaving weird or gossiping, everyone has its own set of experiences, therefore you should not misinterpret if anyone is not responding the way you expect.

Be right on your part, let your God decide among right or wrong.
Stay happy on your portion of racing track and keep running. Keep dwelling upon your own race
Warm Regards,

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