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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Bosses and Leaders

"Age doesn't guarantees maturity, hardship does."

The designations classifies officials, just like different religions. As possibly, some religion could have a combination of freedom fighters & terrorist; similarly some designations could have the combination of bosses & leaders.

A boss is a person who doesn't just drapes around his or her neck an employee card, but he or she also drapes around a thread of ego, over confidence & negative vibes. On the other hand, a leader drapes around his or her neck a chain of understanding, humbleness & great character along with her or his employee card.

I wonder how some people doesn't makes sense at all most of the times and combining with zero personality & still you find them happily wrapping a torn blanket of so called designation. The least these people could foresight is their appraisal. A 'VP' for example as designation may stand for Very (great) Personality or Very (poor) Personality.

Some body who is a leader, attracts its peers just like some magnet. He or she believes in effort rather than wasting most of the time on imparting feedbacks.

Not just in office, while you are with friends or family members; try being a leader and lead people associated with you to growth. Keep yourself from some people who pretends to be a leader. Life is too short to harm others and save criticisms within for others.

Remember, a good character is far better than a worst career.

On death bed, nobody will talk about your appraisals or promotions. Don't boss around rather lead around.

I wish everyone a happy life,
Chetan Dalvi

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