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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Obsessions in Life

We all go through situations which are most difficult to face. Events which make us upset, angry, exhausted, we feel like nothing is happening positive to us. 

No matter how happy or sad you are in life, you always get everyday some free time when you think/plan/write/booze/talk/take actions/etc. May be free time during travelling, a time when you wait on bed for sleep, or a time when you have no work, or a time when you are home alone, or a time when you are waiting for someone or could be time when you are sitting on a pot. This is actually a time for thought, the thoughts during these events motivates your mind, build your character, develop or collapse your confidence.

I usually write when I get such times, as I am doing now during travelling in train (26.11.15 08.10 p.m. IST). As I see around I see some passengers sleeping, some fighting with co- passengers, some reading, some playing games on mobile, some looking out of the window and appears to be in deep thought and some doing nothing but waiting for their turn to get seated. Ironically most of us have such free times still we give excuse of not having any time to concentrate on our dreams.

Please remember if you are obsessed about something then mold situations as per your choice and do not let situations mold you and drive your life. More you concentrate on your dreams, more you develop an obsession within. Don't keep yourself from achieving your goals, don't wait for the right time. The right time is always now.

We have to raise ourselves from the obsessions of anger, guilt, revenge & fear. These habits will always keep you from growing higher in life. Indeed embrace an obsession of your dreams; no matter where you are, think about your dreams and progress.

Those who wait are always found standing in queue. Rise up & act !!

I wish you a happy life,

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