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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Why some people degrade others?

It happens with almost all of us that someone trying to degrade us without any fault. The idea is never to improve you, as degrade and feedback are two ends of same stick. The later could be positive, but the former is always intended to disarm somebody's positivity.

When you feel degraded you give away your power of patience, joy, strength & confidence. The person who  degrade others, always lacks an ability to perform some action by himself. Therefore they prefer attacking the performers capability with degradable comments.

I would have gave up writing completely, if I would have had minded the degradable comments of some people. The feeling of feeling degraded is an emotional obstacle which would keep you from going higher.

You cannot change somebody trying to degrade you, but you could surely keep yourself feeling offended by the comments. You rather could regrade yourself by believing in your inner power, concentrating on your strengths, developing a habit of happiness.

Neither degrade others, neither get offended with somebody trying to degrade you. Having said that, pray for somebody having a habit of degrading others, ask God to improve them, as they are digging the grave for themselves and even for those who set them as examples.

You may regrade your friends or loved ones by sharing this message if you liked.

I wish you a happy life,

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