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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I wish sometimes...

In some private galaxy where only I and only I should be, then I imagine how wonderful it would be.

No office politics surrounding, neither any borrowing keeps compounding.

No credit card bills, neither any anger spills or guilts,

There would be no attire competition, neither there would be any satire surrounding.

No God, no religion, no cities or any selfish citizens. Politics might be an alien, no bargain in rupee, neither there could exist some houses worth billions.

I could eat what I like, there would be no historical boundaries, neither any future to foresight. No rich, no poor; everyday was like some world tour.

I would be happy if I live alone there, perhaps I could escape all the troubles here.

But God would do as He feel right, but I can wish or may I say might.

I could be hero, I could be PM, I may be Governor or I might be just zero. I may the only IAS, I the only star, I may be only struggler and filling streets with the tar.

I would not blame, I may not pride, neither any Godman nor any guide.

I may not get what I wish but still I keep thinking and thinking that how wonderful it could be when in some private galaxy where there would be me & only me.

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