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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Must Read For All Parents

I always wanted to have my own daughter. This is the reason in my second book, 'Happily Married' I have mentioned about a girl child, nick named as 'Akku,' perhaps to better express myself.

I believe that my children shouldn't be like me at all. Instead they should be better than me in everything. Most of us try moulding our children with our own experience; we wanted them to be like us. We measure their actions with our experiences.

As the value of any money is not the same as it had been few years back. Similarly most of the experiences turns out dated with time. It mat happen that some person who strongly believes in God has an atheist child.

A mother bird teaches her young ones to fly.. but may not able to dictate the territory to fly. Probably, she always desires that her young one's could fly better, live longer and have better children than her. Similarly, let your child makes their own bridges of experiences and walk. Parenting is like some 'Matchstick' who sacrifice it's  life to light the candles; still it doesn't own the lightness neither the darkness.

Some of us expect our children's to fulfill our dreams, mainly something we couldn't achieve by own.  Friends, you can give life, but try not moulding it with your experience, belief & dreams.

Remember, its a Human Life and not an Ice Cream.

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I wish you a happy parenting,
Chetan Dalvi

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