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Friday, 12 February 2016

Fear of Failure at Workplace

In each departments of every corporate, you will always find people doing the same job but delivering different performances. There are various reasons to it, like product knowledge, attitude towards the work, personal problems, lack of self confidence, fear et cetera. The most important, common & dangerous factor among these is- Fear.

Could be, feeling fearful that one might end up doing mistakes or fear of being pulled up before other colleagues or fear of losing job or fear of losing out on the desired raise in salary or fear of underperformance et cetera.

As long as you are happy with fearful feelings then its fine, but I'm sure that nobody feels happy in fears, some may be used to it but deep down, they are surely not happy.

Fear is the common feeling that everyone experiences. Even the most successful personalities goes through some or the other kind of fear. However the successful people develops an ability to overcome their fear.

Escaping from fear is like controlling to urinate. Eventually you have to face it or otherwise your life will go awry. Every fearful situation will chases you, no matter how long you avoid it. Eventually you have to face them. You can make yourself strong and confident to face your fear or you can plan to escape from your fear.

The life experiences never just floats across silent waves. You have to face storms either by your own will or the will of the storms itself. That tough moments are developed in such a way by Almighty that it would pass for sure and even teach you some lesson for sure.

How many days you would pass in office with that fear of being unable to do something? You can change the employer but the fear would always remain unless you overcome it. The opportunities and fear shall continue its deliveries and you have to learn to face it firmly and confidently like some sportsman facing the opponents on the field.

Friends, think about overcoming your fear instead of worrying about it. Once you face your fear the other kind of fear would be waiting to put you under test again. However, the fear you overcome turns into opportunities and more fears you face the more opportunities you receive.

You can write to me at with your feedback or any queries you have about your fear. And if you liked this message hope you would pass on to your friends.

Chetan Dalvi

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