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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

For those who think, life isn't fair to them.

Often I come across people who tells me, how their life isn't treating them right or how they struggle for survival. Friends, I say this with most respectfully & with no offense that you yourself are the reasons for your struggles.

Strangely, most of the things you believe in, are out of experience of somebody else. You know fire burns, as some point of time you have experienced it. But the pain is not the pain, as you think is true. Even the concept of pain is misinterpreted. For some no job is pain and it is pain not because they want to work, it is because they want money for the living. So such people would teach their loved ones that no job is pain and this idea would keep compounding in their family line and everyone perhaps invest their energy finding job even they have caliber to build some multinational company. It happens with most of us that ideology of life of our parents and ours are the same because we inherit the meaning of pain from them. And if you ask parents about their experience, then they would say that their parents had taught them like this.

So what I argue here is that we don't see struggles as passing moments, but we believe it to be our destiny and preach about it. And as you sow so shall you reap, your thoughts when blended with feelings produces experience. Your current situations are just the result of your own belief's.

Most times the struggles are not actually worth to be called as struggle. Most of us struggle to get up early in the morning, but within we know its a habit and not a struggle. So the point is most of us are habituated to believe that particular situations as struggles, although they are just passing moments.

10% events of life are unavoidable circumstances for which you can't do anything like death, tsunami etc. But remaining 90% could be tackled, resolved & put to end. We as humans has a light of our creator and we are one with him. And the magnificent creation like us, if we doubt on our abilities that just means that we don't trust our Creator.

Your current gloomy situation would turn its route, if you gather utmost belief in yourself and speak to your problems to leave you. You have power of God. Just rise up and face whatever comes your way. Situations whether good or bad are passing moments and do not give them importance more than they deserve.

I wish you a happy life,
Chetan Dalvi

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