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Saturday, 18 June 2016

For what you are stressed out?

Nothing you owned anytime permanently. What you own today, was owned by somebody else yesterday & will be owned by somebody else tomorrow. 

Tension would kill you. Life is meant to be liked, loved & lived. We all are travellers here.  We are souls on a journey from womb to tomb. We are here to Win & trying to win again & again.  Success is unguaranteed but never give up trying. Losing is guaranteed, if you stop trying.

Our friends, loved ones, office colleagues, social media friends are spiritually closer to us and that's why we know them among billions. Everyone doesn't know your worth but that's okay.  Some people are connected with you to make you understand the difference between loved & unloved; between best & better; between Good & evil.

Our journey started from womb and we all are heading towards tomb, through different paths, having different experiences. 

Each one of us is unique. We behave & react to situations according to our experience. No one is wrong, its just some people are facing the light & some people are looking at other direction.

Stress is not the solution.  During our journey from womb to tomb, we get to enjoy materialist pleasure; but that's temporary and we are not allowed to carry them back to our soul homes. However, we would be carrying feelings with us. So better stop being stressed out & enjoy the journey. 

Back to our soul home, let's carry feelings of love, ecstasy & praise instead of resentment, jealously & guilt.

I wish you a happy life,

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