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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Civic Sense - a Blog of Public Interest

I don't know if any writer blogs about civic sense. I even wonder if any educated matured person, would appreciate reading about it. As everyone considers himself or herself, as civic minded. Even I think the same about myself.

So I am puzzled thinking that who throws a garbage on the streets? Who leaves the empty beer bottles near the waterfalls & in gardens? Who makes the pile of litter at public places? I am sure whoever reading this blog, would agree that, despite we all are civic minded, still there are some black sheep's in the pack.

They pick even a single hair from the floor of their house and throw it outside. Not even a single hair they like on their house flooring! but on the streets they don't mind throwing anything.  Cleaner homes in the middle of uncleaned surrounding! Strange, isn't it?

I got motivated to write about civic sense today, as during my last weekend trip to some hill station, I saw empty bottles of alcohol were lying on the streets and even near the waterfalls. Even I saw some thick glass pieces of the bottles, near the waterfall and one can imagine how dangerous it would be, if anyone shall step over it.

Our laws are may be not strong enough to make people afraid of not making clutter on the roads. Having said that, I feel that we do not need any law to keep our surroundings clean, to be precise to keep our nation clean.

Through this blog, I personally appeal to every citizen for observing civic sense and even spread awareness about it; especially to your children. I request to every person to take individual responsibility of keeping their surrounding clean. Don't forget that we are primarily responsible for our actions, before we raise finger on government or any other person.

The garbage spread disease. It chokes the pipelines. It becomes a source of living for insects. Therefore, the clutter we do, comes back to us, in someway or the other like a boomerang.

Don't litter on streets. Don't spit at public places. Throw garbage inside the bin. Enjoy alcohol, but please ensure to dump the empty bottles properly.

I urge all the respected elders, brothers & sisters to spread this message and let it reach to every Indian.

Thank you

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