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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Level of Consciousness, is your level of Progress

I have realised that everyone and everything is at different levels of consciousness.  When we were born, our level of consciousness was unknowingly,
far higher. We used to do what we like, without any fear of outcome. This is the greatest state of being. We did everything we wanted as a child, because we didn't knew about anything and to be specific, no knowledge about fear itself.

As we grew older, we developed our level of consciousness towards each and every aspect of life. As for some, money is easy to earn, as per his thought process, which is result of his level of consciousness.  For some, family is wealth, which as per his level of consciousness. There are different factors which determines our level of consciousness and most important are, our upbringing and our type of friends. This is the reason why if someone comes from conservative family, then for him, a love marriage is taboo. 

The simple verbatim for a level of consciousness is, 'Law of Attraction', a popular foundation of almost every motivational book. Therefore, if you can feel like Ambani's, then for you, the only costliest thing exist under the sun, would be Health. Or if you can feel like, His Holiness Dalai Lama, then you can experience the peace, deeper than the depth of ocean. Here, if I say 'Feel' like them, then I simply mean to acquire the level of consciousness they have for any particular object.

Therefore, under law of attraction, you are guided to keep your desires right in front of you; so you can gradually enhance your level of consciousness about it. This is the simplest and most popular process of developing consciousness about something.

So what you do, and what you do not posses in life, is nothing but, your level of consciousness about it. If the height of your consciousness, is leveled at earning of 10 dollars per month, so the same would be your reality. You may desire to earn more, but you won't get it, unless the level of consciousness is uplifted to the level of expectations. 

All you need is acceptance of the fact that nothing is unachievable and what is keeping you from something, is your own level of consciousness about it.

Consciousness gives birth to intention (positive or negative). Intension gives birth to interest (positive or negative). Interest gives birth to action (positive or negative). Action gives birth to results (positive or negative). Therefore, if you have someone or something negative in your life, so it is the indirect result of your level of consciousness about it.  So choose your level of consciousness accordingly.

I wish for each one of you a happy life!

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