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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Take the Ownership of your Emotions

"Ownership" we proclaim ownership on our house, our family, our job, our vehicles, our wealth and everything that has our name on it. Sadly, when it comes to our emotions, we behave like tenants, despite being the owners of it.

We give advantage to unimportant people, to make us feel depressed.  They pass some false or unnecessary comments, that we take it on our skin and harm our self. 

You are the owner of your own life. Its not there life, its Your life. You have to take charge of your emotions and not to let anyone hurt you with no reason. 

It could be your boss or that nagging relative. It could be some gossiping colleague or that stranger co- traveller. It could be some egoist neighbor or that over demanding customer. If they could hurt you, which means you give away your power to them. It is not always required to fall into argument or be on defensive mode, if you know that the person at other side is not so important. The winning arguments in such cases are indeed a loss, if you calculate it with amount of energy you have put in.

Some people would always try to provoke you and you being the owner of your life, have to decide if you need to waste your costly energy on them. 

If you are upset then its you who are responsible and not anyone else. Take charge of your emotions and handle it with utmost care. You are the boss of your emotions & if it is not performing well so as a leader you have show it the right direction. It's performance is related to the overall performance of your life.

So if next time you are upset then remember, its you who is responsible. You are the owner!

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