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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Accept them as they are...

Weighing Scale. At one side our experiences and expectations and at the other end everyone else. That's how we manage most of our relationships in life. That's how we come to conclusion and decide what is right or not!

Maturity has no relevance with age. Age is just a number of days past your birth date. A lions cub watching his father hunting is more experienced than a sleeping old aged beer. 

We compare people with the illusionary weighing scale of our mind and accordingly offer our reactions. We have to realise that all snakes are not poisonous and similarly, it is not necessary that every people would get the same results of certain action like we got in the past. It is not necessary that two students studying for eight hours in stretch would get the same marks.

We have to stop being judgmental and try to see things sometimes from other persons point of view. With due respect to some fair experiences I say that it is not necessary that everything we believed is true and our past failure is something unachievable by somebody else.

We have to  accept the fact that everybody's experience is different and that experience craves a respect, like ours. Sometimes judgments thins out the possibility of growth and we end up losing on probable opportunities and relationship. So be open to newer ideas and accept people as they are. Experience is good but use it with skill and not with your skull all the time.

It is good to use our experiences as magnifying glass; but not the one under influence of sunlight. Since the sunlight of doubts may bring hurt to people you are dealing with or it may some put permanent scars on your relationship.

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