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Friday, 26 August 2016

Friendship and Love!

Many times we do not realise that a very thin line is drawn somewhere between a special relationship, which has crossed the border of friendship, but not reached the city of love.

That thin line that is drawn between the love and friendship, is called as 'Confusion'. Often, we are confused with our feelings. 

Most of the relationship starts with the friendship and eventually escalates to becoming the love; but it never floats back from love to friendship, just like water flowing down from a mountain, never returns with the same process.

A hungry and lonely lion's cub when hunts for the first time, it realises its real potential. The same way friendship has to survive many tough times to eventually declare itself a grown-up love. 

Be there with someone you love in all their thick and thins and no matter what, never dethrone the crown of understanding. Too much understanding not possible if it comes to keeping yourself from talking to your love, since its like the relationship of mother and her children, no matter how settled are her children, but she could never part herself from talking to them and letting herself know about their safekeep.

Sadly, many husbands are not real friends and many real friends are not couples. A couple living together, without having the blend of friendship and love in their relationship, are like two wolves of opposite gender, who just mate out of their physical desires and be with each other for the sake of survival.

Out of dozens of friends there would be always someone who is closest, yet far! Out of love, a soil transforms a rooted seed into a tree; so are some friendships that gets transformed into love, out of love.  The thin line of confusion sometimes throws an urge within us, to wipe itself off and let the feelings of friendship (a seed) grow itself into love (a tree).

Don't turn off the inner calling and abort the love that is relentlessly knocking your door and waiting for your answer. Go for it!

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