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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

In Relationship Flow like a River

"Captivity is not love. Freedom indeed is!"

Love is something that can't be completely defined ever, due to its infinite nature & presence. A love with restrictions, is like bird with its wings clipped. The light of love is like the light of sun, it can't be captivated.

Caring & captivity are two different things. If you don't allow your loved one to step out late night, its caring. But if you don't allow your loved one, to study further or follow her dream, then its captivity.

A flowing river would only become a foul  gathering of water, if stopped with force, since flow is its life. Everything has to be moving or else life would stop completely. The earth, the sun, wind, air and many other natural processes are moving and which is out of their act of love.

Everything around us is love. Love is supreme, love is something that no one could escape from.  You can avoid love, but it would never avoid you. Respect it and flow with it. Like some river, let your relationship nurture & grow.

You can't capture freedom of someone and indeed if you truly love somebody then you ought to let them free. Let your loved one live the way she wants. Barricade of care is must, but do not replace barricade of care with prison of heart.

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Anonymous said...

Not always but most of the times, being captive is not suffering. There is a purpose to it from GOD. Giving up your dreamt passions or leading a different life than you dreamt can still be made loveable if you develop a passion amongst what is made available to you. I had to forego music, driving, caring my parents, socialising, amongst many others. But I found my hidden passion in cooking, designing, gardening others dismay. making it a beautiful self journey.