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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Learn to earn money easily!

We all want many things in life and one of the special things is, Money.

All of us want money but few posses money more than others; despite the process of manifestation is uniform.

Some people who earns good, understands the fact that that feeling is important than seeking. What you feel about money is important. Some people are fearful with the mere topic of money, they feel money is hard to earn, hard to save & easily lost. Every drop of feeling prepares the belief and not so long after the same instances overflows in our lives, where we work hard but earn less, our expenses are more than our income & with passage of time we learn to adjust with situations.

On the contrary, you should love money, just the way you love your eyes. Have good feelings about it. Kiss the currencies. Express gratitude about whatever money you have. Share some of your money with needy. Replace your mediocre thoughts with thoughts of abundance. The more love you express, the more you get it. It applies with everything you want in life.

When you feel fearful, so you unconsciously pass a negative indication to energy around you. The energy that transports your thoughts to the universe where your immense feelings are processed into situations and that forms your experience.  What you immensely feel shall be your experience in life. So right now if you are struggling to earn money, so it is due to your constant similar thoughts about money.

It is wrong to think that miser people have more money; the fact is that misers have lesser money than their potential. Those who say that money is not important are mostly poor.

Your potential of enjoying wealth is far more than you think. Don't fear of your debts, rather love money & kill your debts. Your banker doesn't know your true potential, so close your ears to what they say about your credit score. Stop thinking about what have you lost & what could be earned; rather just kiss the currency you have & show your love now. 

Neither be fearful to lose money, nor lose your courage to earn more than you ever thought!

I wish you a life of abundance.

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