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Monday, 7 November 2016

Happy Diwali

You can't spend Diwali after Diwali every year with same old mindset, same old problems, same old fears, same old weaknesses, same old financial condition.  You have to take responsibility to revise your habits & live the life of your dreams.

You have to stop completely relying on  relationships, circumstances, job & people to make you feel happy.  The things would start to move upside down from the moment you understand that everything happening to you is because of you & nobody else.  Your fear is yours, your bills are yours, your emotions are yours.

The problem is that that we have reasoned ourselves for not living the life of our desires.  We have made ourselves understand that happiness is, what that is! Therefore we are okay with lesser salary & multiple debts, we are okay with living in mediocrity & not  owning a luxury, we are okay with unsettled arguments & teared relationships.  When you okay with something then eventually it becomes part of your life.

This Diwali I endeavor through this message to remind you all that that you are most powerful, most creative, most beautiful & most determined creature.  You have power to create your life of your dreams & desires.  There is nothing you can't achieve in life.  All you have to do is to light up lamps of your expectations with assertiveness.  There is nothing wrong with living the way you do! But if you desired a sea, and have settled with a pond then there's the issue.

I wish you all & your families a very *Happy Diwali* and I am confident that you would take charge of your life and will put maximum efforts to improve it.

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