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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Demonetization ( a wisdom side of it)

As we all know that recently Indian government demonetized the paper currencies of INR 500 & 1000.  No monetary value to these currencies as it used to be.  How something so important an evening earlier, turned to trash with single announcement. 

At personal level, most of us are tend to observe this practice of demonetization but we never gave thought about it.

(Here I am using the term 'demonetization' to denote your desires you gave up on)

Have you ever wondered how many of us have demonetised our dreams & desires? We have undervalued our dreams and desires and gave up on them just like government demonetized the currencies.

Some dream or some person which once were most dear to us and we have demonetised them.

Never forget that the valuation of your dream is derived by your own seriousness towards it. 

You should not demonetise your dreams in any case.  Your desires may not be visibly seen like your other body parts, but its the most important unseen part of your life, just like your soul.

The problem is, that most of us have reasons to justify our action of demonetizing our dreams.  Remember, if you think that your reasons are valid, then they are valid!  If you think you can achieve anything, then you can achieve anything! 

Everything in your life is formed by three persons-

"You and You and only You."

I wanted to remind that that you are most significant being and you construct your life with your feelings. Fear, happiness, sorrow etc are nothing but your feelings.

You are naturally built with such a power that there is literally no pain that you can't handle.  The moment you demonetise your dreams in that very moment you undervalue yourself.

That house you are dreaming to own or that girl you wishing to marry or that dream career or that desired salary or that book you are wishing to get published or that weight loss program you wanted to join; all are your priceless possessions and you should not demonetise them in any case.

Winning or losing is far better, than not trying at all and losing for sure. 

So value yourself and your desires, irrespective of what others think about it or how much struggles it involves to achieve them.

I wish you a very happy & peaceful life

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