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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Be the first one to apologize, Relationship matters!

He thought it was her mistake and she thought it was his!  So they did not speak and waited for each other to take a first step to end the dispute. 

Days went by, they missed each other but their egos kept them from taking the first step.  He thought she has an attitude, she thought he is very selfish and eventually their minds gave them more reasons to be away from each other.

Both kept checking their phones at intervals and waited for each others message like some hot grassland desperately waiting for rainfall.  They have spoken one thing about each other with friends, but within they felt something else.

As more days past, they tried their best to avoid encountering each other. If at all they met, they exchanged formal greetings, but within they were craving for hug from one another.

Not so long, they become strangers... Ego won, love failed.

(Don't allow your ego to win over your relationship. Be the first to apologize, no matter who have mistaken. Let love win and you can win the world.)

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