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Friday, 30 September 2016

Read this to the very end and half of your problems will fade away

Actual problem with most of us is that that we term most of our 'temporary setback' as problems.  A problem is actually something about which you can't do anything at all. For example - my health would be on a toss if I avoid urinating or I can't fly like a bird.  Something which is impossible to do is a 'Problem' and not something which is temporary in nature. The biggest problem is that we term temporary 'set back' as problem.

Notwithstanding to the dictionary meaning of terms problem & setback, you can make a mental attitude that if something can be curable so its not the problem; and more you term difficulties as temporary setback more it would help you to seek solutions to it.


If you have financial issues, the same can be addressed by additional part time income; if you have relationship issues, the same can be cured with rich discussion; if you have problem with your work, the same can be cured with change of work.  These are temporary setbacks, but the moment you term them as 'Problem,' then you completely cease the power of solvable frequencies hovering around you.

You unchain the chains of limitations once you look at difficulties as temporary setback, just like some pothole on a road which is fixable irrespective of its intensity.

Sit back and replace the term 'Problems' with 'Temporary Setbacks' from your mind and you will realise that half of it would actually fade away.

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