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Friday, 30 October 2015

Effect of motivational messages

I saw a guy this morning selling the mirrors. How amazing it is to learn that we buy mirrors to see just to ourselves. Mirror reflects our physical bodies and helps up to fix our appearances. The motivational messages does the same thing for our souls.

We all know what is right, what is not; what we should do, what we not; what we want, what we not. The answers are within us. It often happens with all of us, that individually we like some message better than the others and the reason behind is, that we feel more connected with that message. It coincidentally describes our struggle, our situation, our view point better.

You fall in love with things you feel connected to. The same condition applies with the motivational messages. We feel a slight push after reading or hearing such messages.

Apparently all motivational speakers shares nothing new which nobody knows. The only difference is those who act upon what they know they should do, tends to be more successful than the other group of people, who do not follow.

When we read or listen to some message we get reminded about our goals and we draw inspiration to achieve our dreams, we get confidence from other successful stories and starts to act.

In part of epic Ramayana, Lord Hanuman forgotten about his powers, due to childhood curse and when he was reminded about it, He leaped into the skies and crossed the ocean, sets the golden Lanka on fire, killed demons. Similarly, we all have great powers within, and motivational messages helps us to realise it and achieve our dreams.

I wish to remind you that you all are unique, talented, beautiful and could do anything you wish to.

I wish you a happy life,

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