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Sunday, 25 October 2015

God: Generator, Operator & Destroyer

Have you ever wondered how a different pieces of vast cake would taste?

Same, isn't it?  So is the God I believe.

He/She is religionless, undefinable, indestructible, formless and omnipresent.

If I write God, so everybody reading it has some picture of Him/ Her within. Some even may picturize their parents or some may picturize their Guru they believe into.

Its my most difficult attempt to write about God as He/She is everything and in everything.

God is present as I am writing this, God is present with everybody whoever will read this. May be after few decades when I am dead and if somebody is reading this blog, God would be still there.

We do not realise in the middle of our busy schedule but isn't it amazing how beautiful is the earth and its existence, how wonderfully the law of karma works with everybody, how amazing is the existence of body & soul, how the living beings have different Gods yet the same planet.

Like those electricity wires running through the poles and assembles at transformers. So are we all, we are different by religion, gender & beliefs but we all are connected with each other.

Movement is the concept. Earth moves, river flows, Sun rise & set, living beings struggles for living.

Everything is moving and it is beautifully engineered by God. Our round shaped planet symbolize a wheel; every second on movement.

Work with complete passion and keep moving towards your goal. God has structured your life in such a way that even a simple act of saving an ant from your steps would be counted.

So do well, act well & live happily.

I thank Almighty for making this beautiful world. I pray for happiness and peace for each one of you.

I wish you a happy life,

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