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Friday, 23 October 2015

Seeing the unseen

Most of us has a habit of dwelling upon the facts and minute details of almost everything in life. We make conclusions, pass on judgments, believe more in practicalities and keep ourselves from trying new things in life.

It is good to have knowledge, it is good to know the reasons; however, sometimes you should prepare your mind to believe in impossibilities. You may not be wrong in judging the facts, but there is something beyond facts and that we call, a Miracle.

When you believe into something that is unbelievable, when you visualize something which everybody believes impossible, then you let the new ideas hover upon you.

All the scientific discoveries are the results of somebody seeing what others couldn't. You can see yourself rising higher in life or you can see yourself living the life of your dreams or you can see yourself totally debt free or having a perfect relationship.

When you started seeing the unseen, you then tap into the super natural energy around you.

Never let your circumstance describe you; never let the people around choose your destiny; rather believe in yourself, see the unseen, work with full zest and change your circumstances.

Just like we could not see the wind, yet we can feel it. The same way the energies around you are not visible but everybody is born with the power to draw strength from it, with their beliefs.

Your current circumstances, family background, financial situation, may keep you from believing into impossibilities.
You can either choose to be where you are or could choose to gather courage and believe that you could still achieve your dreams.

I wish you a happy life.

Author Chetan Dalvi