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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Success is pricey

All of us knowingly or unknowingly have achieved success upon many things in life. Whether it could be success in learning to drive, or success in establishing an enterprise, or could be success in marrying to the person one love.

Success is not an easy task, success doesn't comes from wishful thinking. You can think about success and build confidence within but you have to release your confidence, put actions to your thoughts to achieve success.

As a child I used to dream about sitting in an airplane very much. If I could see an airplane in the sky, I used to stare it continuously, until it is lost in the clouds. I luckily achieved success in this area some years later but even for this little dream, as it may appear, I have worked very hard.

Success is the result of your dreams. When you dream, you desire to endure some toughest exam and how you perform in the exam, shall determine your success. You may pass or fail but you surely learn to prepare for some next exam. So result could be uncertain, but definitely not the learning.

The form of success depends upon person to person, as we all know that, for some blind person, success could be watching the world from his own eyes. So never belittle your dreams, neither take somebody's else dreams for granted.

Do not appear in exam of efforts just for sake of trying... appear to be successful.


I wish you a happy life,

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